Learn how to combine golden and silver in jewelry at the same time

Learn how to combine golden and silver in jewelry at the same time

Until relatively recently, combining golden and silver in jewelry pieces in the same outfit was considered almost sacrilegious. For years, we all thought that mixing these two materials was totally forbidden if we wanted to perfectly follow the basic and fundamental rules to complement with success and style our best looks.

However, now combining silver and golden in jewelry has become a trend, either by mixing both metals in the same piece or through different jewels of each of these materials. Moreover, we are in luck, because silver and golden are two basics in our jewelry. Without realizing it, these accessories fill our closets, season after season. Regardless of what is worn in each season, golden and silver accessories are timeless and never go out of fashion.

To go to work, to go out, to show off in special moments, jewelry has become that essential accessory to complete the perfect look. But do you know how to combine silver and golden accessories and look good? Today we tell you.


Curiosities about golden and silver

It is a well known myth that combining golden and silver will bring bad luck, but that is not true! In ancient Egypt, the protection of the sun was invoked with golden and the moon with silver, so that the union of both got absolute protection for the person.

There is a belief that dictates that, if you put golden and silver together, the latter eats the golden, totally false! The only thing that can happen because silver is an inferior material is that it can tarnish golden. But no problem! There's nothing a good cleaning won't fix.

The key now is to banish this false myth and give in to a trend that has gone from being an impossible combination to a style statement. Silver and golden in jewelry is a distinctive and fundamental sign of any self-respecting outfit. And although the most important thing when adopting this trend (like any other) is that you feel good when you wear it, we give you some ideas so you can combine these two metals without fear ... You will get a much more original and stylish effect than you can imagine!


Tips on how to combine golden and silver in jewelry and make them look great

Jewels are able to give that personal touch to our whole look, making them unique and totally different, so it is very important to know how to combine them.

Materials such as golden and silver are basic as far as our jewelry is concerned and are basically the pillars of any woman's jewelry box. Season after season, golden and silver accessories never go out of style.

Why not take a risk and try a different combination to the one you have been wearing so far? The rules are changing day by day, so taking the risk of mixing golden bracelets, silver necklaces, or two-tone earrings, will be an option that will delight and surprise you.

The key is to be creative and innovative, choose jewelry that we like, and make the most of each outfit.


Combining golden and silver in jewelry of similar sizes

Surely you are already an expert in combining rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. But to mix golden and silver in the same look, we recommend that the jewelry is of similar size or similar appearance. This will give the impression that they were created to be worn together.

You will no longer have to choose between golden and silver! You will get spectacular results with the Golden Chain Drop Earrings and Chain Silver Necklace.

A simple jewel that you can wear every day and you will love the combination of golden and silver.




Combining golden and silver in the same jewel

The total and absolute establishment of this trend, which we can see on fashion runways, among bloggers and influencers almost daily, has undoubtedly favored the proliferation of jewelry and beads that mix without cutting these two materials. From rings that perfectly combine golden with silver to necklaces composed of multiple chains of these two metals.

You can mix necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets in silver with accessories that already carry both colors to help create a nice transition between all the elements. If you want to achieve a spectacular effect on your look you can combine golden and silver in jewelry. You can opt for the bicolor Hoops or Chained Links Drop earrings that we propose, they are amazing! And they will look great with all your looks.

However, even if you combine both metals in the same piece, it is best that one of the two materials is the predominant one. Be encouraged to create original and attractive combinations.




Use the same jewelry or style in different colors

You can choose to mix the same type of pieces. For example, mix golden rings with silver ones and, to make your look really neat and chic, try to find rings that are similar or even the same.

You can also combine silver rings with golden bracelets or necklaces of the same style. This combination may be more complicated and difficult to adjust, but once you get it right and with the right harmony, it will result in a totally winning look. For this type of mix and match, use simple or minimalist jewelry... Remember here our unbeatable formula: less (and more in this case) is more!






Choose jewelry that you love!

A key aspect to keep in mind when combining golden and silver is that, if the jewels you like separately and have similar dimensions, putting them together creates a perfect mix and match.

Now that you know that the myth that you can't mix golden and silver is just a superstition, break the monotony of your outfits and wear your favorite jewelry in different materials!

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