Latest Pre-Wedding Shoot Jewelry Ideas

Latest Pre-Wedding Shoot Jewelry Ideas

Pre-wedding shoots are extremely popular these days. It is one of the best and the most fun parts of a wedding.


Pre-Wedding photographs just add the exact amount of sparkle to your special moments and splendour to flaunt the tiny details such as jewelry.


Selecting what to wear and how-to accessorize your outfits while complimenting the beautiful locations and feeling exquisite at the same time can be challenging. 


Based on the selected locations, themes, outfits, preferences and accessories, here are few pre wedding jewelry designs you can select from:


The Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot


Pre-wedding shoot at the beach is colorful, flirty and fun. Match your outfit with colorful floral jewelry if you want to keep it minimalistic.


We highly recommend Wheatears Enamel Silver Earrings for Women for a romantic shoot with a date setting.

This beautiful pair of earrings might be the first choice coming to your mind while planning for your pre-wedding shoot and it’s obvious. 


The Historical Place Pre-Wedding Shoot


If it is a historical location pre-wedding shoot, opt for a black and white theme and don’t go too decked up with jewelry. 


Keep it simple yet classic with either a single piece of diamond or pearl jewelry. 

Give up your engagement ring and let him propose to you again with Pink Zircon 10*12mm Rectangle Ice Cut Soleste Halo Luxurious Silver Ring for Women.


Pair this beautiful sparkling engagement ring with a classy necklace or statement earrings to finish the look!


The Royal Theme Pre-Wedding Shoot


If you wish to go all royal and traditional with your look, pair your royal outfit with a classy pearl necklace set. 

Pearls are classy and luxurious as always. You can go for (Two Colours) White Zircon Flower with Natural Pearl Beading Tassles Necklace for Women look conventional yet have a contemporary touch. 


This luxurious looking pearl necklace has been a part of royal heritage. This statement necklace can make it look like a romantic trip with your love or exploration with your better-half. 


The Hill Station Pre-Wedding Shoot


The hill landscape pre-wedding shoots look like a romantic trip with your love or exploration with your soon-to-be. 


In the hills, statement jewelry will work the best if you’re in a mood for a romantic shoot.

Bi-Colour Bracelet for Women is essential to provide you with a complete look.

The Foreign Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot


Foreign destinations like Italy, France, Paris, Greece, Switzerland, etc. are highly popular for pre-wedding shoot cum short trips. 


A western romantic theme would be best - pick a contemporary style necklace set for a touristic look or just go for a simple pendant.

(Two Colours) White Zircon Circle Ring with Emerald Colour Ziron Pendants Silver Collarbone Necklace for Women is a perfect add-on for any style statement.


Your pre-wedding shoot is the moment that will always be stored in your memories, and will now be stored in your album forever!


While photographers capture your special moments, designers create your outfits, let Planderful Jewellery be your ultimate stylist for your pre wedding shoot!


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