Know your amulet jewelry

Know your amulet jewelry

In the world of jewelry, there are different pieces that have been specially designed to attract good luck. These are amulet jewelry and, in Planderful, we have a wide variety of different designs so you can get the energy that surrounds you and your dreams come true.


What is the amulet jewelry that attracts good luck?

An amulet can be any object since it depends on the vibrations that emanate and the feeling of well-being that it can cause in you. However, there are certain images that, over the years, have made history, managing to accumulate good energy. If you have jewelry with some of these symbols, you will attract a positive influence or protection.

Due to the strength and power of the feelings, we have towards these traditional good luck charms, beautiful jewelry has been designed for you to wear on necklaces or bracelets with charms as a way to bring good luck. Many are the girls who use jewelry to get with the idea of getting enhancement their way of dressing with fashionable necklaces, but, if you also go fashionable and get lucky, you will get a complete pack in your daily look.

There are many traditional lucky charms from all over the world, these are some of them:


- Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover has been part of the folk beliefs of many cultures making it an ideal charm. Each leaf has a meaning associated with happiness: hope, love, faith, and luck. This famous and coveted clover protects the wearer, bringing love and attracting wealth and prosperity.


- Keys

It is believed that carrying key will open doors to success and close those leading to failure. Keys have been used as an amulet that serves to attract good luck, but also as a representation of health, money, and love.


 - Angel's Wing

The wings of an angel are associated with genuine love and the eternal bond that exists between the human and the divine. They have served as an amulet for many people who believe that by wearing them they will feel able to go further. They are also believed to provide strength and courage to face obstacles.


It is an amulet considered a protection amulet that is used by the wearer to keep away curses such as the evil eye, jealousy, or envy. It was believed that the power of the gaze was strong enough to cause illness or death to other people. This amulet has been used for over 1000 years.


- Dragonfly

It is estimated that dragonflies may have emerged more than 300 million years ago and since ancient times and have aroused the curiosity of humans. Their unique shape and colorfulness have inspired many poets and painters who have given them prominence in their works. In many cultures, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of transformation and rebirth and is also considered a protective amulet.


- Sun

The sun has been worshipped and admired from our ancestors to the present day by many cultures. The sun has been the main and most powerful god of many important ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs and the Mayans. As an amulet, it has served to bring to light even the most hidden secrets. It has also been used as a guide, an inner light, energy, and an engine that pushes toward the fulfillment of goals.


- Lucky Elephant

The lucky elephant is an amulet revered in many cultures. The elephant is admired for its longevity, strength, and intelligence. This lucky charm helps you to prolong your life span and keeps away all bad vibes and envy from your surroundings. The elephant pendant will make you feel more protected and stronger.


- Lucky Rabbits

The rabbit remains a common symbol of monetary and sexual luck in popular culture. Derived from Celtic folklore and African-American folk spirituality, the rabbit is associated with prosperity.


- Butterfly

Butterflies are harbingers of good luck. It is believed to be a symbol of freedom and perfection in nature. A butterfly is not born but is a metamorphosis into a perfectly symmetrical creature.  Butterflies have been associated with wandering and free souls in many different cultures. The ancient Greek word for butterfly is Psyche meaning soul, while some ancient Naga tribes of northeast India believe they are descendants of butterflies.


-Whale Tail

The whale tail is known for its symbol of protecting the artist within you. It helps you develop your talent and helps you regenerate and create a connection with Mother Nature.


- Crescent Moon

The moon has been an object of admiration, inspiration, and worship for many civilizations. As a symbol, it represents love and dreams. So it has been the main character in many stories, paintings, and poems. The moon has been used as a sacred amulet that guides and illuminates the way in the darkest moments.


- The Star of David

The Star of David is one of the most emblematic talismans for the Jewish people, although it has also been adopted in other religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Due to its shape, it is known as a Hexagram or six-pointed star, which is formed from the union of two equilateral triangles. The Star of David sign has a meaning similar to that of yin and yang, as a representation of opposites, as well as a connection between heaven and earth.


-Combine red and gold

Gold is one of the materials that have always been related to wealth, prosperity and success. Because of its brightness and value, it has been one of the most valued in most cultures and was used as an accessory or decoration. If you combine it with red you will have the perfect amulet. Red is the color of luck and good fortune. In China, red is the lucky color that represents joy, prosperity, and success and, during the New Year, everywhere you look you will find it.


Now it only remains to choose your ideal amulet, good luck!

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