Know the Different Types of Necklace Clasps

Know the Different Types of Necklace Clasps

Clasp on a piece of jewelry is likely the last thing you’re thinking about when you put on your favorite necklace. 


But sometimes nothing is worse than trying to get ready in the morning and having trouble putting on your necklace because your clasp is difficult. 


When buying or designing a piece of jewelry, it’s probably safe to say that choosing a clasp isn’t exactly any designer’s or shopper's first priority. But if you select the wrong type of necklace clasp, you’ll regret it.


A clasp is really so important that it can even determine how long your necklace lasts, plus your necklace won’t be able to open or close without one. Let's discuss about more of its types:


Spring Ring Clasps


As its name suggests, it's a hollow circular metal fastener with a spring mechanism.


The spring mechanism consists in tilting the movable part, which in this case, however, goes inwards.


Pull back on the teeny-tiny lever which will compress spring, leaving an opening for a jump ring. Just release the lever and the clasp will close, locking the chain in place.

Crystal Heart Shape Pendants Collarbone Necklace for Women has a Spring Ring Clasp on it which is very easy and quick.


Magnetic Clasp


As its name suggests, it is made out of magnets that snap together and lock any type of necklace with less effort. 


Magnetic clasps are secure, very easy to fasten and work well for all types of jewelry.


The best part is that magnetic clasps are very easy to put together with one hand. 

(Two Colours) White Zircon Litter Square Beading 925 Silver Collarbone Necklace for Women has a Magnetic Necklace Clasp, a simple snap together and the chain clasp is closed. 



S Hook Clasp


S Hook clasps looks pretty simple yet functions a lot, its S-shaped feature allows it to attach in the simplest way.


One of the oldest and most common types of clasps, the hook clasp allows you to adjust the length of the chain if there are multiple rings.


The hook clasp uses a curved, s-shaped piece of metal which latches into a circle or loop on the other end of the chain. 

Ring with Ring Pendants 925 Silver Collarbone Necklace for Women has a S Hook Clasp that's open at one end which hooks onto a ring at the other end of the piece of jewelry.



Lobster Claw Clasp


As its name suggests, Lobster clasp is named for its resemblance to a lobster's claw, with the pinching style of the hook.


To use this clasp correctly, you need to push the spring-loaded lever with your fingers to open the clasp, and you release the lever to close it.


The lobster clasp offers greater security and can be a lot easier to open and close as compared to other types of jewelry clasp.


(Two Colours) Tide Enamel with Pearl Golden Necklace for Women provides more security and a longer lifespan with Lobster Claw Clasp.


Fish Hook Clasp


As its name suggests, the fish hook clasp at one end is a metal hook and the other is a box shaped like a fish.


Although it looks complicated, this type of clasp is perfect for lightweight necklaces.


Fish Hook clasps are the most intricate type of clasp, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to work with.

18K Gold Freshwater Pearls Necklace for Women has a Fishhook Clasp, typically used as a pearl necklace clasp, it’s becoming more common to use it in other necklace types. 


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