Know the difference between fine jewelry vs costume jewelry

Know the difference between fine jewelry vs costume jewelry

More and more people are interested in jewelry. But, how much do you know about it? Do you know how to distinguish fine jewelry from costume jewelry? It is not the same to manufacture a piece of fine jewelry as a piece of costume jewelry, since they require different materials and tools for their manufacture, in addition to the working time and the machines used. In appearance, they can be very aesthetic and dazzling. However, in quality and durability, they are very different.

Although fine jewelry and costume jewelry have in common to adorn and stylize those who wear them with unique and beautiful pieces, there are two main differences between them: quality and prices. This is mainly due to the materials used.

Below, we will explain the main differences between fine jewelry and costume jewelry.

What is fine jewelry?

-Gold Jewelry

When we mention fine and high jewelry, we are referring to pieces made with the highest quality standards and handcrafted by experienced goldsmiths. These products are always made in 18-karat gold and platinum, using the best selection of precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, etc.

To understand the difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, it is important to know that gold is a rising metal, whose price is increasingly rising in the market, and therefore the purchase of a jewel is a fantastic investment when acquiring a luxury item.

Due to this circumstance, low-quality jewelry made of 9-karat gold is entering the market. This type of gold is called "low gold" because its proportion of gold is exactly half that of the gold used in the manufacture of fine jewelry, i.e. 18 karats, and although at first glance it may seem the same, its price and quality are much lower.



-Natural gemstone jewelry

Another determining aspect is the selection process of natural gems used to give life to fine jewelry designs. Each and every one of these gems is meticulously selected one by one by expert gemologists who take care of every detail selecting the perfect gem for each design. This process guarantees that each jewel is unique as well as the gem that composes it, giving it a greater exclusivity, since no two jewels are alike. The gems, finishes, and shapes of a jewel will always have a differentiating point and this is what makes it so special.

Never forget, a jewel can have a great sentimental value, which can sometimes exceed its economic value. When we acquire a jewel we endow it with the power to capture a moment and make it eternal, as well as give us the possibility to travel to a past moment and relive it. For example, a wedding ring or an engagement ring are two pieces of jewelry that capture and seal a promise of love. This power fades with costume jewelry, as over the months or years it will eventually deteriorate and be thrown in a drawer or directly in the trash.

Fine jewelry also tends to be plain jewelry, and in fact, there is a great variety of them. They are also characterized by their quality, beauty, noble materials, and durability. Fine jewelry has the function of making us look more wonderful than we already are and completing our look.


So what is costume jewelry?

Costume jewelry imitates jewelry pieces using low-cost, low-quality materials such as zinc, brass, steel, or plastic (many pieces incorporate PVC inside). These materials have a residual cost compared to the materials used in fine jewelry and also tend to have a very limited useful life. These metals or plastics are usually accompanied by gold plating that over time begins to oxidize and eventually disappear or blacken showing the original material. The same does not happen with a piece of fine jewelry that will always keep its characteristic shine and beauty on the first day. A piece of costume jewelry, once its useful life is over, has no value.

One of the disadvantages of costume jewelry is that it can be damaged at any time if it is not well cared for and can also cause allergies in your body. It has the same function as jewelry, they are accessories that will make us look better, however, they are not made with quality metals.


Differences between fine jewelry and costume jewelry

In short, these are some of the characteristics that differentiate fine jewelry from costume jewelry:

Price: Costume jewelry pieces are generally cheaper and less expensive than genuine fine jewelry pieces.

Materials: While fine jewelry uses noble materials, costume jewelry makes pieces with synthetic stones, glass, plastic, and other materials that would never be used in fine jewelry.

Durability: In the end, cheap is expensive. Costume jewelry has much shorter durability than fine jewelry since the latter lasts over time and remains intact. However, costume jewelry is soon damaged, it is affected by external agents and soon loses its color and brightness on the first day.

Exclusivity: Originality and exclusivity are two highly appreciated values in the jewelry world. An authentic piece of jewelry designed by a jeweler is much more difficult to imitate than costume jewelry pieces made in mass production with the aim of selling them in many more places. In the end, it comes down to whether you prefer a piece of jewelry that you identify with or a piece that you will see everywhere.


Why choose fine jewelry?

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One of the advantages of knowing the difference between costume jewelry and fine jewelry is that jewelry will always make your outfit look complete, elegant, and fresh. We have different collections of jewelry so you can go and take a look and if you like any piece we will gladly deliver it to your home.





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