Jewelry to Liven Up Your Workplace Environment

Jewelry to Liven Up Your Workplace Environment

Gone are the days when you would associate working days with dull boring everyday jewelry. Times have changed and so have the genres of jewelry styling. 


Jewelry in a workplace setting needs to dance a fine balance between showcasing your personality without being loud and distracting.


Corporate dressing can be glamorous with the right kind of jewelry. Choosing the right jewelry for the office can be challenging. 


So we have compiled a list of minimalist designs to kick up your overall look a notch to bring you an enticing collection of gorgeous workwear jewelry that you just can’t resist. 


Moissanite Statement Necklace


Moissanite lightweight nature makes it one of the most comfortable sets in our collection. It is a perfect match for the everyday working woman. 


The perfect amalgamation of glamor and practicality, Moissanite Soleste Round Halo Pendant for Women is the ideal choice for office jewelry. 

You can go all day while wearing this long-lasting statement necklace. The simplicity and intricate design can give it a fineness of a classic set of jewelry. 


Enchanted Zircon Three Stone Silver Ring


The luxurious Zircon crystal conveys a sense of passion and grandeur, perfect for an empowered, yet delicate look for the work.


This intricately designed White Zircon 9*13mm Oval Ice Cut Three Stone Silver Ring for Women oozes regal grace.

Long-lasting and comfortable to wear throughout the day, this Zircon ring is suitable for creating a strong impression in your office. 


Emerald Shape Petals Beading Bracelet


An artistic sophisticated bracelet is a fantastic choice for your workplace. It portrays the strength required to survive in the cut-throat competition at the office.


Versatile in nature, this (Four Colours) Zircon Emerald Shape Ice Cut Petals Beading Bracelet for Women is a perfect match for the everyday working woman.

The realistically crafted petals paired with the high-quality crystals make this bracelet a highly versatile one - suitable for almost any event, from casual to formal occasions. 


Square Enamel Silver Studs


A perfect pair of lovely stud earrings for the fun-loving, charming working women will speak volumes about your personality and will accentuate your fashion quotient.


For a semi-formal office atmosphere, these Square Enamel Silver Stud Earrings for Women are sure to shine a spotlight on you and bring out a fresh accumulation of energy, all set to conquer the conference.

Its multicolour, funky design will brighten up your formal look and compliment your lively nature. Long lasting and aesthetically pleasing, this stud set is a must-have.


Effortless Look with A Pearl Necklace


The glamor and desirability of Pearls has never seen a low point. Since time immemorial, Pearl Jewelry has been the first choice for women across the globe. 


When you are up for a conference, an effortless look with Golden Molecule Structure Shape Enamel with Pearl Necklace for Women is completely on point.

This effortless appeal with the enamel necklace set reminds that it is very pertinent to bring along your best set of dresses with your best set of necklaces.


With Planderful’s collection of elegant and exquisite workplace jewelry designs, you can liven up your office look even when you dress formally to work. 

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