Jewelry to give as a graduation gift

Jewelry to give as a graduation gift

The end of the year is approaching, and with it, the closing of many cycles. Among them is the graduation of college students. The day we graduate from college is possibly one of the days we will always remember. Our academic period comes to an end. We put an end to years of study, we say goodbye to classmates who have accompanied us during some of the most volatile years, in which we have matured and are ready to take the first step into the working world.

Our family congratulates us and tradition dictates that they give us a gift. Now that we are at the end of the year, and surely you have some graduation, we give you several ideas of jewelry that you can give on such a special day. And if you are the lucky one to be graduating, then this jewelry guide for that special day is perfect for you.


What should I give as a graduation gift?

We suggest you celebrate the achievements of graduates with bracelets, rings, earrings, or chokers that will stand the test of time and be a keepsake for life. Gift something that will stay with them and in them, forever.


Moissanite Jewelry

A gem born from the stars, it is a stone with properties very similar to those of a diamond. Natural Moissanite is incredibly rare, so the gemstone today is produced entirely in controlled laboratories, where after years of processing, scientists were able to synthesize it to create what is now one of the most brilliant, resistant, and elegant gems in modern jewelry.

Moissanite is manufactured with the intention of reflecting as much brilliance and fire as possible, which invariably makes it aesthetically similar to diamond, even surpassing it in this property. Moissanite is undoubtedly the best alternative to diamond, sharing many of the positive qualities of diamond in terms of strength, brilliance, and color clarity, with the additional factor of being much more environmentally responsible.

An unforgettable gift is 0.5CT Moissanite Pear Drop Soleste Halo Studs, or Moissanite Round-Cut Pendant: two classic jewels that never fail. They stand out for their brilliance, elegance, and simplicity. You'll show how important your graduation moment is with this jewelry that lasts a lifetime.


(0.5CT) Lab-Created Emerald Round Ice Cut Solitaire Pendants Necklace

This jewelry is another one of our choices to make an impact on that person you want to surprise for their graduation. This necklace stands out for the magic of the emerald, a lab-created gemstone that has no impact on nature. This is also a less expensive alternative and you will get the same qualities as a natural emerald.

Why emeralds? Emeralds complete the select category of valuable gemstones. The stone's green luster has a distinctive look and makes each piece of jewelry unique. This gemstone is associated with power, immortality, and, with its green hue, eternal youth. Emerald is also believed to be a healing stone.


(Two Colours) White Zircon Double Hearts Pendants Adjustable Collarbone Necklace

You can choose between the silver or golden version. This necklace has a simple, minimalist, and sophisticated design that you can't go wrong with. The heart is used to attract love into your life, as it represents divine love. But it is also used to express feelings of friendship and affection, as well as it is also the symbol of the union as a couple. It is related to all matters of the heart and emotional life.

This jewel is ideal to show your affection, whether it is family love, friendship, or courtship. People like you are in the most important moments of life.


Pink Zircon (2.0CT) Stone Solitaire Bracelet

Raise expectations by giving this unique color bracelet as a gift. The zircon gemstone is stunning, its sparkles will grab all the attention. Take it to the next level with the Stone Solitaire Bracelet. In Planderful we have this same model but with other colors, you choose. We chose pink because it is a magical color.

Pink is an emotional color and influences feelings making them kind, soft, and deep, transmitting affection, love, and protection. It takes us away from loneliness and transforms us into sensitive people. Pink is a color derived from red but mitigated by the purity of white. If red reflects the most sexual part, pink is associated with altruistic and true love, indicating romanticism, charm, beauty, sweetness, delicacy, refinement, calm, and tenderness.

Pink is the symbol of youth that expresses a newborn love, whose key words are innocence, love, total surrender, and helping others.


Traveling Starry Sky Enamel Necklace

This silver jewelry, with Enamel and Topaz details, is perfect for the occasion. Many graduates choose to celebrate by going on a trip. Don't miss the opportunity to give this necklace to accompany her on her trip, or just to send her a nice message.

The Traveling Starry Sky Enamel Necklace is ideal for traveling souls. This piece invites us to discover, dream of new places, transport ourselves and enjoy. Every time your loved one takes a trip, they will remember this unforgettable moment, such as graduation, and will take you with them wherever they go.


Yellow Crystal (Rose Gold Colour) Bracelet

This romantic and minimalist design is a safe option, impossible not to fall in love with this bracelet. The best thing is that she will be able to wear it in different situations: from events, outings, vacations, and work, to everyday life. It's a great option if you don't want your gift to end up in a drawer and come out only on special occasions. Give her a versatile piece of jewelry like this one that will accompany her in every moment.

In addition, rose gold has enjoyed a phenomenal rise in popularity in recent years. It has gone from a rather old-fashioned color choice to a classic in both jewelry accessories and home interiors and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. This metal is composed of a mix of pure gold, copper, and silver alloys, which helps give it its pink color.

Rose gold is the happy medium between the austere, modern appeal of white gold and the traditional, classic feel of yellow gold. In many ways, it almost feels like a new option for those looking for something different.


I hope you found this guide helpful. Don't forget to visit the Planderful website to discover your next gifts.

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