Jewelry to express love for the sea

Jewelry to express love for the sea

The sea is always inspiring, who isn't drawn to its strength and power? The beach and ocean-inspired jewelry we have at Planderful evoke that sense of peace suggested by the sea breeze on a walk by the sea. If you long for the feeling of being by the sea, with this jewelry you can at least take a little bit of it with you. Stay reading this article to discover the symbolism of sea-inspired jewelry.


Why give sea-inspired jewelry as a gift?

Accessories and complements are the keys to turning a beautiful outfit into a spectacular one. Among all of them, jewelry is the most glamorous, especially if you go for quality jewelry. Themed jewelry is a perfect option to make you stand out from the rest. If you love the sea, opt for this kind of unique jewelry that will stand out in your outfits.

When you think of the sea, you probably think of waves, fish, crabs, starfish, and summer. However, these symbols are one of the most recurrent sources of inspiration in jewelry. For this reason, sea-inspired jewelry is not necessarily worn on your summer vacation, you can wear it in any season of the year as it is full of personality.


What does the sea convey to us?

The Earth's great reservoir of water is also the cradle of life on Earth and a symbol of transformations. The biodiversity of the sea is a source of health and calm. Approaching the sea is pleasant and refreshing. Contemplating its blue immensity is a fascinating spectacle: the constant movement of the water, the evanescent foam of the waves as they reach the shore, and the breeze laden with a salty and vitalizing aroma that fills the lungs.

Everything marine seems to evoke in us an atavistic memory, a strange nostalgia. By the sea, body and mind seem to renew themselves. It is like a return to childhood, which in our imagination usually takes the form of a quiet beach of golden sands and the shade of palm trees where we can listen to the ancestral murmur of the sea echoing in the conch shell of our heart. The sea seems to have no limits, neither on the horizon nor below. Only the sky is bigger than it, marvelous, isn't it?

Another of the most interesting symbolism of the sea is the motherhood it represents. Water has been present in our lives since we were born. In fact, the Latin words mare (sea) and mater (mother) are very close, the same happens in the Romance languages. For both the Egyptian language and Indo-European Sanskrit, the phoneme "MA" evokes the maternal and primordial under the sign of water. That is why sailors, intuitive and accurate, like to speak of "the sea", emphasizing its feminine condition. Did you know that?

The truth is that for biologists, life emerges from marine waters. The oceans and seas cover 70% of the Earth's surface, curiously the same proportion of water as our body. Behind the symbolism of the sea, the truth is that people feel an attraction to water because there is a kind of identification: we feel its waves inside us and its pulse in our blood, it could be said.


The sea and meditation

Seawater can be a good support for meditation. To do so, it is necessary to abstract oneself for a while from anything other than its presence. When the agitation of the sea diminishes as it deepens, just as the mind calmed by meditation becomes wide and calm as a calm sea.

Sitting on the seashore we will concentrate on the coming and going of the waves, which we will gradually synchronize with our own breathing but without trying to make them go in unison. The eyes remain closed or half-open. Finally, the sound of the waves and breathing are one and the same thing.

The seawater, together with the sun's rays, also favors the purifying processes. Its purifying qualities can be used to purify the soul by eliminating negative thoughts or emotions.


The mysticism of the sea

The sea also conveys a lot of mystery. The bottom of the sea, the unknown to us, is often associated with the unconscious. For the same reason, it is frightening to sail the sea at night, when the waters are dark or dimly lit by the silvery rays of the moon. The sea, which gives life, can also take it away.

Likewise, the sea evokes constant change, the transience of things, again using Buddhist language. It is always in motion, be it gentle or stormy, like our thoughts and emotions. Moreover, the depths also harbor hidden treasures.

Numerous literary works, such as Homer's Odyssey, describe with marine metaphors the dangers and wonders of life. Let us recall the obsessive pursuit of a white whale narrated in Melville's Moby Dick, Hemingway's reflection on survival in The Old Man and the Sea, the magical voyages of Sinbad the Sailor in the tales of The Arabian Nights, the stories of pirates in the South Seas told by Stevenson or the mysterious adventures of Poe's Arthur Gordon Pym.

The dream world is also related to the aquatic world, as highlighted by the philosopher Gaston Bachelard in Water and Dreams.


These are some of the most popular marine animals in the jewelry

The fish

The fish represents fertility and generally, it is a good omen in various cultures. It is also associated, like the tree, with the mother goddess, with the moon, and with water, which is the source of all life.



The whale is a symbol of speed and strength that promotes spiritual development, maturity, and protection. Also, this large aquatic animal symbolizes death and rebirth, as well as darkness before being irradiated by light.



On the one hand, the dolphin represents virtue and intelligence, on the other hand, it symbolizes security and speed. That is why in Greco-Roman mythology, it was believed that the dolphin was the one who led the souls to the other world, while they were held in high esteem for saving lost people.


The seashell

The seashell represents femininity and the moon, it also means a successful journey and good luck. On the other hand, the oyster as a pearl producer was considered in ancient times a good amulet to attract fertility and protect pregnant women.


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