Jewelry guide for artists

Jewelry guide for artists

Whether you are an artist or if you want to give a gift to a person fond of painting or music, this jewelry guide will be very useful. From Planderful we will give you some tips to not fail in the choice and get the most original jewelry for creative people.


 How should be jewelry for an artist?

 First of all, artists are creative, sensitive people, who see their surroundings and seek how to express them, and how to understand them, but in an artistic way. The main characteristic to take into account is that artists think outside the box. Therefore, the jewelry should convey the same.

A piece of jewelry for an artist emphasizes creative expression and design. Instead of opting for basic gold and silver pieces, small jewelry, or classic fine gemstone jewelry, choose original jewelry that looks like no other. Usually, this jewelry has links to art and design.

Jewelry for an artist often has unusual shapes that are sometimes bulky and unusual for everyday life. Keep in mind that this jewelry is going to differ from traditional goldsmithing.

Here are some recommendations:


Geometric Jewelry

Basic lines and shapes take over the jewelry with a minimalist spirit in search of the perfect proportion. In a subtle but forceful way, geometric shapes have been joining the trends for their magnetic appearance. Geometric jewelry draws basic shapes with its quasi-perfect lines and becomes a timeless accessory.

A ring is more than an adequate option to dare with geometric shapes in jewelry. Go for a ring dominated by a large circular figure or one with rectangular shapes.

If you want to give even more prominence to geometry, you can opt for striking necklaces. They will be the perfect complement to flood all your outfits with style. Go for a minimalist and simple piece if you define your look as discreet, or go for a more striking model to focus the spotlight on your neck.

Add a special light to your face with earrings with an innovative design. Their timeless nature means that these types of pieces will never go out of style, so you can make your ears the center of attention without giving up the latest trends.

Geometric shapes, in addition to creating a modern look, are often associated with avant-garde artistic styles, such as cubism or futurism.


Asymmetrical Rings

Jewelry with a touch of asymmetry is perfect for looking different. This trend, inspired by African tribes, has come to break the aesthetics and lines of the classic. They stand out mainly for their witty and fun designs. In general, you can opt for a minimalist earring for one ear, and a more loaded version for the other. A popular option is to wear a large earring in one ear and a small, barely noticeable one in the other. You can also vary with one earring dangling and the other not.

Asymmetrical jewelry has a crazy charm! Dare to wear ear details that are not as symmetrical as we are used to. Leave aside the identical earrings and put on each ear a totally different one or you can bet directly by wearing an earring in one ear and in the other nothing.


Jewelry for Musicians

It's time for music lovers. There is no better gift than jewelry inspired by the passion of that person. You can opt for a pendant of your favorite musical instrument, or rather, musical notes. Take your jewelry to the next level with semi-precious stones. This jewelry will represent the magic of this art. Music brings hope and heals the heart. Show it with some of our music-inspired jewelry.

Why not own a small representation of this beautiful art in a piece of musical jewelry? Don't you think it would be the perfect gift for a lover of this beautiful art?


Jewelry inspired by artists

You're going to love jewelry inspired by great master artists. References to the world of art in jewelry are a must-have trend.

Our recommendation is the Mondrian earrings, inspired by the iconic paintings of this reference to modern art. If you want to make a gift and do not know much about his art, we tell you briefly. Piet Mondrian is known as the "painter of squares" of the 20th century. The Dutch painter created a movement called Neoplasticism. In simple words, Mondrian art was to be represented through straight lines and pure colors, such as red, blue, yellow, and white.

But do you really know why he painted this way? Well, Mondrian believed that simple geometric shapes and basic colors were a symbol of cosmic order. The artist wanted to create art that goes beyond the visual; he wanted to create a universal language. Mondrian did not paint recognizable elements such as landscapes or portraits, only lines, and colors. However, few know that Mondrian trained as a master draughtsman, specializing in landscapes. Curious, isn't it?


Earrings inspired by video games

Aren't video games the tenth art? With the advance of technologies, this debate has grown over time, and it is only now that we get used to this new artistic expression. Likewise, video games are not only close to the world of art, but they are close to the childhood of almost everyone. Few would wear jewelry inspired by their favorite video games, so nothing better than to give this meaningful gift to an artist's inner child.

At Planderful we have a variety of Tetris earrings. For added originality, they are asymmetrical rings that are worn individually. The bold colors also play with the textures of the beads. This design is more than original and will win the heart of any geek girl. And if you're the girl in question, you've probably ever wished you could have the best of two worlds, video games and jewelry, rolled into one.


The use of jewelry determines the action by wanting to express and highlight through their pieces, the personality, and individuality of each woman. For this reason, jewelry fulfills a function depending on the taste and style of the person. Just as there are women trapped in the eccentricity and precious stones of their luxurious jewelry, others are satisfied with a more moderate model, and some others prefer to stand out with innovative jewelry. I hope these tips have helped you!

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