Is it bad to sleep with your jewelry?

Is it bad to sleep with your jewelry?

It's more than likely that it has happened to you on more than one occasion that you sleep with your bracelets or rings. You come home tired from a hard day at work or from partying all night. You just want to lie down on your precious bed and tomorrow is another day. That's why it's common to make some mistakes, such as not removing your makeup or sleeping with your jewelry on.

Sleeping with jewelry on would be harmful in the long run due to different factors. Therefore, it is advisable to remove rings and bracelets to avoid aggravating different health problems. Here are the consequences of sleeping with earrings, rings, or bracelets.


Is it okay to never take off your jewelry?

Of course, we all have a favorite ring or bracelet that we want to wear all the time. This would be one of the reasons why we don't even take off our jewelry to sleep. However, the problems that this simple act can cause are often overlooked.

It should be noted that if the jewelry is clean and the materials do not irritate the skin, it may be acceptable to wear it all the time. However, if you have sensitive skin, prolonged use can cause symptoms and allergies such as the development of blisters, rashes, or reddening of the contact area itself.


The problems of sleeping with jewelry

It does not mean that by wearing earrings all day long something bad happens to the ears or that if we sleep with jewelry they will get infected. However, it might be a good idea to pay attention to these typical issues that usually happen when we forget to take them off before going to bed.



If the jewelry is not made of gold or silver, it is more likely to cause a skin reaction. Many rings or bracelets have a metal called nickel which, in contact with perspiration and water, stains the dermis and leaves it black. Nickel allergy is the most common metal allergy. Dermatologists are the ones who can detect contact dermatitis caused by jewelry by performing a very simple test to find out if the patient is hypersensitive to nickel, copper, or any other material other than silver, gold, or platinum.

If you want to know more about allergies caused by jewelry and how to prevent them, we suggest you read our article: How to avoid earring allergy

An important issue is the cleanliness of the jewelry we are wearing since the different bacteria we are exposed to throughout the day can damage the skin. If we want to clean them, we will help ourselves with alcohol once a week.


-Damaging the jewelry

Let's say it's about earrings with precious stones that we have been given for our birthday. Even if we don't want to take them off at night, if we leave them on to sleep we run the risk of them breaking or losing pieces.

Small chains are very fragile and could break during your nightly movements. Long earrings can get tangled in the hair, and also get damaged.


-Stretching the piercing from sleeping with jewelry

Sometimes we wear long and heavy earrings that are opening more and more the ear piercings without us noticing it. Related to this, if you go to bed with excessively heavy earrings, your earlobe will suffer more than necessary, which unfortunately can lead to perforation or tear. If the earring pulls on the skin it can even cause a splitting of the lobe and, in addition to not looking aesthetically pleasing, it would be painful.


-Tearing the sheets

So far we have only talked about the consequences on the body itself, but not about what happens around it. For example, with an earring, you can tear the sheets or get it caught in the pillow. When we move, this can also be uncomfortable and cause the situation described above.


- Hurting yourself

If you sleep on your stomach or with your hand under your pillow, you are likely to wake up with a bruise or even a slight cut.


-Hurting others

If we sleep with our partner, having earrings can be a danger. What's more, if we lean our head on his shoulder, he will surely start to be bothered by the earring that we have not removed. Also, we must take into account that if we move a lot while sleeping, we can also hit him in the face.


-Being less comfortable when sleeping with jewelry on

At bedtime, we must be comfortable so that sleep is completely refreshing and, just as we cannot fall asleep if the room temperature is not pleasant or if we feel any discomfort, we cannot rest in conditions if we sleep with jewelry that does not allow us to adopt the postures we need.



Experts point out that the extremities may swell at night due to the activities we do throughout the day or because of a specific disease. This may be the reason we need to remove our jewelry before going to sleep because, if we put the watch or rings away, we will be able to help alleviate this problem.

Although the swelling is not related to the use of jewelry but to a process of the body, the truth is that there is a high probability of complicating the discomfort if you leave your jewelry on to sleep, as it would hinder circulation. On this last point, if you suffer from circulation problems, you should know that the pressure exerted by rings and bracelets on the fingers and wrists contributes to the swelling of these extremities.


Whether they are costume jewelry or precious jewelry, it is strongly recommended to remove them before going to bed. It is especially advised that you do not sleep with a ring with a precious stone under any condition. This is essential because gemstones are fragile crystals that require extra attention and care. Of course, no one will scold you if you don't take off your ring when you go to sleep because, at the end of the day, the decision is entirely in your hands.

In short, taking off our jewelry before going to bed is something that does not cost us any effort if we take into account these inconveniences.


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