Is Gold Plated Jewellery A Better Investment Than Real Gold

Is Gold Plated Jewellery A Better Investment Than Real Gold

Let's first understand what gold-plated jewelry is. Gold plating is the process of applying a layer of gold to another metal - silver or copper. 


The quality of the gold plated jewelry may differ, but the principle remains the same. Buying gold plated jewelry can be challenging for someone new as there are a few major factors to consider before buying gold plated jewelry.


Apart from that the gold jewelry has also been considered an investment, but is it actually true? Here are some parameters you should know about before investing in gold jewelry if you are hoping on big returns. 

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Price Fluctuations


There has been a lot of unpredictability in the markets due to the prices fluctuating with increasing frequency.


Due to which investors are bound to worry about their money and start analyzing the merits and demerits of stocks, gold and real estate.


But with the gold plated jewelry option, you don’t have to do that. You can invest in affordable jewelry that is always going to have a stable rate. 

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Its Making Charges


The making charges are the additional costs that come with the fine gold jewelry.


The cost which goes into designing and producing gold jewelry ranges from anywhere between as low as 3% to as high as 25%.


Making charges depends on various factors such as intricacy of the design, whether it’s handmade or machine made.


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Another factor to consider for making charges or wastage charges is what a particular jewelry is offering- do they have a flat rate per gram of gold or do they do a progressive percentage.


These are some of the aspects that can help you analyze the final cost of any gold jewelry you purchase.

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Selling Gold Jewelry


One of the biggest demerits of owning gold, besides safety and storage, is that, when selling gold jewelry, the owner loses a lot of money due to the tax implications.


Sellers always receive a much lesser amount as compared to the original price paid at the time of buying the gold jewelry.


The resale value of gold decreases due to the jewelry breaking charges. Also the making charges are way too high with respect to buying gold jewelry as well.

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As per the current scenario, keeping in mind the above demerits of investing in gold, it is advisable not to invest in gold.


If you’re a jewelry lover who wants to adorn something different with every outfit, gold-plated jewelry may be the most cost-effective solution, so go on and invest in high-quality gold-plated jewelry at Planderful!

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