How to untangle your chains

How to untangle your chains

If you are reading this post, you have probably already gone through this nightmare, and without realizing it, your chains and necklaces have become tangled. But don't worry, you are not alone. We will tell you some simple ways to untie the knot of your chains quickly and without consequences.


Method 1: use vegetable oil

An old method is to untangle any knot on a thin chain with the help of simple vegetable oil. Any lubricant found in your home can work, from sunflower, olive, corn, or baby oil. If you don't want to clean the chain with oily drops, you can even use liquid soap. However, the procedure will be a little more complicated.


What you need:

- Gloves;

-A sheet of thick paper;

- Oil;

- Syringe;

- Toothpicks (it is not recommended to use needles, as they can scratch the links of the decoration);

- A container with warm drinking water to rinse the product;

- Soapy solution in clean drinking water;

- A soft cloth (suitable for cleaning glasses).


Steps to follow:

Carefully spread the chain on the countertop. If you cannot see the knots well, you can place a sheet of thick paper under the decoration. When performing manipulations, do not squeeze the formed knots; unfasten the fastener and do it in such a way that visually fixes all the problem areas. Next, open the lock with a syringe and apply 2-3 drops of oil. Due to the lubricant, the chain will start to slide better. The links will not stick together as much and it will be much easier to untangle the attachment.

Then take two toothpicks and insert them into the center of one of the knots. Gently extend the toothpicks in different directions to stretch the knot, and completely free the entire length of the chain from these knots. In the end, when everything is untangled, prepare warm drinking water with soapy water and immerse the chain in it. Gently rinse the product from the oil residue, and immerse the chain in clean water without adding household chemicals. Dry the chain with a soft cloth.

Yes, you will have to sweat a little, as the matter is delicate, and requires concentration and attention. But it's worth the game because you'll untangle your jewelry.


Method 2: use a window cleaning spray and a washing machine

If the chain is badly tangled, a regular window cleaning spray will help solve the problem.


What you need:

-Glass spray;

- Washing machine;

- Small clean containers;

- Soapy solution in clean drinking water;

- A dish with warm drinking water to rinse the chain;

- Piece of a soft cloth.

- The glass liquid will reduce friction between the chain links and make them slide better together.


Steps to follow:

Unclip the clasp from the chain; Spread the jewelry on a flat surface and apply glass cleaner to the problem spots. Then, place the product in a round plastic box and install the box in the washing machine. You should start the washing process, or better, centrifuge. At the end of the "vibrating massage" session, you should straighten the loose knots manually with your fingers. If the knots are still difficult to disassemble, use, for example, toothpicks, as we described in the first method. Next, you should "bathe" the product in warm soapy water; rinse with clean water and then dry with a soft cloth.

If you are not ready to wash, any device that vibrates well will help. It could be a food processor or anything else. The main thing is that you need to find a source of good vibration.


Method 3: Use baby powder

Talcum powder or baby powder reduces friction between the links of products, and because of this, the chain will be much easier to untangle. The finely dispersed cosmetic product acts as microscopic balls that penetrate between the links of jewelry and reduce friction between the rings of the chain.


What you need:

- Talcum powder

- Toothpick;

- Soapy solution prepared with clean drinking water;

- A dish of warm drinking water to rinse the chain;

- Piece of soft cloth;


Steps to follow:

Spread the chain on a table or notebook. On the open decorative clasp, apply a little talcum powder in a knot. It is not necessary to apply the powder to all the knots at once, as it crumbles and will be meaningless. If there are several knots, work with them one by one. Go to the second only after unraveling the first, otherwise, it will be very difficult and time-consuming to work.

Squeeze the knot between your fingers and rub them together, as if rubbing a chain. As soon as the grip is released, proceed by inserting two toothpicks into the center of the problem and slowly push the edges of the knot from the chain. Then slowly begin to loosen the fragments of the decoration inside the knot, in a few minutes the chest will again become a wonderful accessory.

Apply this method at the end involves cleaning the product at the end of the process. We recommend that, as in the previous method, prepare a weak soap solution, soak the jewelry in it and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.


Method 4: use a needle and thread to clean the hair chain

It often happens that when wearing the chain, you wrap a lock of hair. Then it becomes very difficult to untangle such a decoration, as the hair firmly fixes the links between them and does not want to release them in any way. You can use a simple thread with a needle. This method is not the most gentle, but it works.


What you need:

- A needle with a bright thread;

- Scissors;

- All the chain washers (see the first method).

Remember that in no case should not anxiously pull, tear or straighten the chain, otherwise you will simply break it. Then you have to run to the jeweler for help.


Steps to follow:

Unbuckle the chain and place it on the table. Thread the tip of the needle into the knot of the chain where the hair is gathered. Stretch the thread through the entire problem area. Repeat the procedure with another strand so that your chain is threaded into two identical strands. Then take the strands in your hands and gently pull in different directions to loosen the "spool" a little;

after which, with a pair of scissors, carefully begin to loosen the chain from the hair, when possible. Repeat the procedure until you release the entire knot from the hair;

If it still does not work, add a drop of vegetable oil to the knot to weaken the adhesion of the links. Then it is recommended to wash the chain with soapy water, rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth. This method will help you to easily untangle the chain, even if there are hairs stuck in it. However, remember that you do not have to accommodate the chains if you store them correctly.


Next time be careful when saving your favorite necklaces!

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