How to Pick the Perfect Necklace Set for Your Gowns?

How to Pick the Perfect Necklace Set for Your Gowns?

What do you choose first, the gown or the Jewelry? This question does pop up from time to time. 


Choosing the right Jewelry for your evening gown can help make you feel like a princess and look stunning for onlookers.


You will need to pay close attention when choosing the necklace set for your evening gown, as that is among the Jewelry pieces that can affect your entire look. 


Designed intricately with adroit craftsmanship, a necklace set is the prettiest accessory which is said to radiate the mystical charm when worn around the neck.


Sense of Color


(1.5CT) Lab-Created Emerald 6*8mm Rectangle Ice Cut Solitaire Pendants Necklace for Women with (2.0CT) Lab-Created Emerald 5*7mm Rectangle Vintage Silver Studs Earrings for Women is the perfect match for you, it is such a show stopper with its bold design.  


Shimmer is a classic green emerald crystal necklace set with a delicate design and scintillating crystals. 


Make The Style Statement


Whatever the gown or jewelry, you will want to make a unique style statement in Yellow Zircon 10*10mm Square Ice Cut Pendants Silver Necklace for Women with (Two Colours) Zircon 8*10mm Rectangle Ice Cut with Chain Silver Drop Earrings for Women.


Magnificently majestic in appearance, this amazing yellow necklace set is finely put to pieces with zircon crystals and gorgeous diamonds.


Consider The Gown Design   


Ballroom gowns, evening gowns, nightgowns, and whatnot have various necklines. 


Pink Zircon(12.3CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women with Pink Zircon(12.5CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Earrings for Women are appropriate for strapless dresses, long necklace sets for V-necks, and statement pieces for turtlenecks. 

The striking pink necklace set also finds itself to be polished with top quality pink zircon, allowing it to be as sweet, sparkly and blingy as it actually is. 

Be Mindful of the Occasion


For a party, choosing a statement party wear necklace set, Blue Zircon(13.1CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women with Blue Crystal Stone Solitaire Studs for Women would be the right choice. 


This is why we love the blue zircon luxury crystal Necklace Set. The blue color is perfect for a formal event, and the high quality crystals give you a red carpet look without being too over the top.


Consider The Patterns


Red Crystal Stone Solitaire Drop Infatuation Necklace for Women with Red Zircon(3.2CT) Stone Flower Studs for Women stands out, pairing them with a printed or patterned outfit will accentuate the essence of your gown.

Beautifully accented with red crystals and stunningly plated in sterling silver, the necklace set is fit for all occasions that demand glamor.


Luxury is not about being overdressed or flashy colors, it is about feeling confident and chic in what you are wearing. Luxury is all about quality, that is why we love Planderful collections.


Now that you don’t have to worry about which jewelry piece to wear with your evening gown, take a look at the extensive collection of beautiful necklace sets available at Planderful.

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