How to Measure Your Bracelet Size for A Perfect Fit

How to Measure Your Bracelet Size for A Perfect Fit

Bracelets come in a variety of styles and sizes and make a great addition to any jewelry collection.


One of the most crucial parts of jewelry making is ensuring that you get the right measurements for your designs.


Bracelet sizing is important because how appealing the jewelry piece will look on you depends on how well it fits. 


The correct bracelet size will depend on the bracelet type as each kind comes with specific size recommendations and allowance for simple adjustments.


So, when you go out shopping for a new bracelet on your valentines' wish list, you or your significant other will know the correct size to buy, and you’ll be able to wear and love the piece forever. 


Measuring Your Bracelet Size


Make use of a flexible measuring tape - if that's not available, you can use a piece of paper, ribbon, or cord to suffice.


Wrap the measuring tape tightly around the spot where you would wear the bracelet.


And if you do not have a measuring tape and you are using paper, ribbon, or cord, then just go on and mark the spot where the two ends meet with a pen or pencil.


Next, take a ruler and measure that length with it. This is your actual wrist size and not your bracelet size. Now add approx ¼ to 1 inch to get your estimated wrist size.

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How to Determine Bracelet Fitting Style


Determining how you would like to wear your bracelet will help you measure your wrist size more accurately, and this will vary from individual to individual.


For instance, if you want your bracelet to be snug or tight fit on your wrist, you will need to add less than ¼ of an inch to your wrist measurement for the right fit. 


If you want it to be a comfort fit, you will add less than 3/4 of an inch to your wrist measurement for the best fit.


If you want it to be a loose fit, you will add less than 1¼ of an inch to your wrist measurement for the best fit.

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How To Tell If A Bracelet Is The Correct Size


The best judge of whether a bracelet is the right fit for your wrist is you. It shouldn't be too loose to the point where it moves up and down your wrist constantly, and it shouldn’t be too tight to the point where it keeps pinching your skin and keeps causing you pain.


Always remember, if you love to stack bracelets, the tighter they are, the better they will stay in place, and the looser they are, the more likely they are to get tangled. 

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