How to choose the perfect necklace according to your neckline type

How to choose the perfect necklace according to your neckline type

Accessories, such as necklaces, are one of our best allies. Because it is a jewel that perfectly adorns any look. Necklaces come in a multitude of sizes and styles, but do we know which one to choose according to your neckline type?

A necklace can make your outfit look elegant with the right choice. So, to choose the perfect necklace according to the neckline you wear, what you should look for is to harmonize the neck shape of your clothes with the length of your accessory. Also, consider the color and the occasion.

So, first, we will identify the type of neckline your clothes have. Based on that, we will choose the necklace that best suits that neckline. For that, in this post, we are going to give you some keys to help you choose the right necklace for your neckline type.



This type of neckline adapts very well to all types of physiognomy so it is often used to soften or conceal striking features. The V-neck is characterized by being deep. The perfect necklace for the V-neckline is a necklace that follows this same shape, as it will adapt perfectly and will bring harmony and subtlety to our figure.

You can opt for necklaces in scales, some with a rosary style, or those that include stones or large ornaments to achieve a visual balance.


Round neckline

The round cleavage is one of the most common necklines. For this type of neckline, it is best to combine necklaces that follow the same shape as the V-neckline. In addition, it is advisable that these are short, voluminous, and attached to the neck, as it will achieve a much more stylized silhouette.

You can try necklaces with large stones or large geometric figures such as pearls. You can vary in size and style, and wear anything from thin chokers to larger, more colorful necklaces. Just consider the length of your neck so you don't cut it with the accessory.


Bardot Neckline

This neckline is also known as the boat neckline. It is an elegant and sensual neckline that highlights very feminine areas such as the shoulders and chest. Given its elegance and ostentatiousness, it is advisable to use subtle pieces that follow round shapes that do not hang too much, and thus, we will be able to stylize our figure even more.

You can opt for long necklaces with colorful charms. But if your arms are very thin, wear chokers or short necklaces.


Square neckline

This neckline is ideal for people with long necks because it gives width to the area next to the shoulders, creating a harmonious and perfect silhouette. Your best option is to opt for chokers or short necklaces that do not touch the fabric. This way, the focus will be on your neckline and necklace in a harmonious way. Thus, it will flatter and enhance the area much more.



Also known as the Swan neckline, the turtleneck is a high, tubular, close-fitting neckline that turns in folded outward. This is a favorite neckline for blustery or colder climates.

The turtle neckline is famous for slimming the neck and figure. The best necklaces for this type of neckline are long, thin necklaces. A chain with a charm can be perfect. But you can also combine them with shorter necklaces as a choker, or necklaces that have several layers to create an original and very flattering style.


Strapless, Word of Honor, or Sweetheart Necklines

This type of neckline holds itself above the chest without any straps or sleeves, leaving your chest bare. Surely you will find many styles of necklaces that look good but we will only say one thing: long necklaces are forbidden for this type of neckline because they do not favor anything.

The ideal for the strapless neckline is to use short necklaces attached to the skin as chokers to give prominence to the cleavage. Of course, we can choose the size we like, as well as the design, depending on the occasion on which we wear it, of course.


Shirt neckline

If you have a shirt or any garment with this type of neckline, the best complement is a choker or choker. Layered but short collars that don't touch the clothes also work well. To do this, you can leave the first buttons open.

If the event is in the evening or more formal, and you need to wear all the buttons closed, then opt for a long necklace over the fabric. The attention will go to the necklace, so we advise you to accompany it with small earrings.



The halter neckline is one of the most popular cuts to wear. It can be found in both blouses and dresses and, in fact, it is one of the favorites for brides when choosing theirs. It tends to flatter women with slender necks and arms, as well as those with a wide back.

What characterizes this neckline is that it is knotted at the back of the neck, exposing the shoulders and back. It can be found in different versions, according to the shape of its front neckline. The most popular is the one that completely covers the chest and the V-neckline.

Since the halter neckline seeks to give prominence to your shoulders, the ideal is that the necklace is with minimalist designs. So you can opt for thin and short chains, as well as small charms.


Asymmetrical Neckline

The asymmetrical neckline has a single strap or sleeve, leaving one shoulder free, I'm sure you've seen it a thousand times! It can range from a single strap to a wider strap that covers the entire neck to shoulder, or a full sleeve that covers the entire shoulder and arm.

If you have a garment that has an asymmetrical neckline, it is best to opt for a choker or a short necklace that does not steal the limelight from the garment. The more subtle, the better.



We hope this post has served as a guide when choosing the best necklace for your look. On our website, you can choose between different models of necklaces and other accessories.


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