How to avoid earring allergy

How to avoid earring allergy

Allergy to earrings is more common than you might think at first, and it affects a considerable percentage of the population. Today we tell you exactly what causes this allergy and how you can avoid it.


How to avoid earring allergy

At some point, you may have worn earrings that were slightly itchy and this itching did not get worse because you decided to take them off. That was probably an allergy. This allergy is caused by nickel, a metal that is mainly used in the manufacture of costume jewelry. This metal may be present in some jewelry made of white gold or in some types of silver, although it is not the most common.

The earrings that tend to cause allergies are those made entirely of metals such as nickel. However, gold- and silver-plated earrings and jewelry can also cause allergies if they wear out and expose the material inside.


Symptoms that your earrings give you allergies

If you've ever had an allergy to earrings or any other piece of jewelry, you'll be able to identify the symptoms instantly. But if this is the first time you begin to notice the effects, you should know that nickel allergy manifests itself with itching in the area of the earring, redness, or eczema. There are even some people for whom the allergy manifests itself in the form of wounds.

There are also many cases in which there may be wounds that generate a little pus. In short, it is not a pleasant situation, especially in an area where you are looking to wear jewelry as a distinctive touch to your looks.


What can I do if I am allergic to earrings?

Obviously, when a slight itching or some of the symptoms mentioned above are detected, the best thing to do is to remove the earrings as soon as possible so that the reaction does not go further.

If we have a nickel allergy, obviously, what we should do from the moment we become aware of it onward is to avoid nickel pieces and opt for noble materials such as gold or silver.

Allergy to earrings occurs especially in summer, due to the heat or the humidity of the sweat itself. Sometimes the allergy does not only appear in the area of the earring but also spreads to other places due to contact with the hands.

Try to avoid wearing costume jewelry earrings when you go to the beach or exercise, this way you will avoid contact with sweat and you will be preventing a possible allergy to any metal. There are other metals that are not nickel and can cause allergies, although they are less common, such as cobalt or chromium).

In the specific case of coated nickel earrings, if they are old pieces or have been used a lot, prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun causes the gold or silver layer to wear away and, when they come into contact with the skin, the allergy occurs.

The same happens when the earrings come into contact with typical chemical products of the season, such as creams, sunscreens, chlorine from swimming pools, and even natural salt from the beach. These elements wear the piece and expose the nickel.


Allergy-friendly earrings

How can we avoid this allergy? As we have already mentioned, the most obvious answer is to avoid wearing nickel or earrings made with the metal that causes the allergic reaction. If you ever get a pair of earrings as a gift and you are not sure if they contain nickel, your ears will probably start to itch soon after wearing them.

Avoid wearing costume jewelry and make sure the jewelry you wear is made of the best metals. Yellow gold or sterling silver are metals that rarely generate allergies, as they are very good quality materials. So we recommend that you wear gold or sterling silver earrings.

However, allergy to earrings is not all. Other pieces could also cause it, although earrings are usually the most common because we wear them in an area where the skin is very sensitive. The lobes and the neck area are very delicate skin which is where you could suffer an allergy due to the friction and contact of the jewel with your skin.


Tips for earring allergy

There are some tricks that are not recommended if you want to wear costume jewelry earrings on a very specific occasion (such as carnivals or festive events). One of these tricks is to paint with transparent nail polish the area of the earring that will be in contact with the skin. By creating a film that separates the metal from your ears, they won't cause allergies, at least temporarily. However, it is always best to avoid wearing this type of jewelry.

There are hypoallergenic earrings created specifically for people with a tendency to be allergic to different metals, especially those who are also allergic to gold, although it is much less common. Some jewelry is made of alloys and with hypoallergenic earrings made of surgical steel, you can be calm as far as allergies are concerned.

In addition to hypoallergenic earrings, you can find all kinds of hypoallergenic jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, or bangles could also cause allergies, as they are in direct contact with the skin.

These are the tips we give you:

  • Identify the material you are allergic to and eliminate it from your collection.
  • If you are going to do physical activities in which you are going to sweat, better leave the earrings stored and cure yourself in health. Remember that sweat favors the appearance of allergies.
  • Use clear nail polish on earrings suspected of being allergic. Although it will not always protect you, it will in many cases.
  • Rosemary, bay leaf or chamomile tea are highly recommended to reduce itching and help the lesion heal faster.
  • Use nickel-detecting varnishes. Not only will you know if your earrings contain nickel, but the varnish will isolate it from your skin.
  • Visit a dermatologist if you see that the eczema does not go away.
  • Ask your jeweler for a quality certificate specifying the materials of the jewelry and the absence of nickel.
  • Use only earrings and jewelry made of noble metals, surgical steel or titanium.
  • Avoid costume jewelry. The only one that is 100% safe is made of plastic.


At Planderful you will find a wide selection of silver earrings and other nickel-free jewelry pieces made of materials that are ideal for people with allergies. From gold and sterling silver to other metals that will not pose a danger to sensitive skin. If you need to give a gift or simply make a gift to yourself, don't wait any longer. Please check the information on the material needle to choose your earrings.

And obviously, if you don't have allergy problems, you will have no problem choosing any of our options. At Planderful we have jewelry for everyone who wants an elegant and eye-catching look!

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