Handmade Vs Cast Jewelry: Know The Difference

Handmade Vs Cast Jewelry: Know The Difference

Jewelry is an extremely beautiful and valuable asset, but before purchasing jewelry, most people overlook the importance of how it is made.


Some people don’t even realize how the detailing on their favorite jewelry was produced.


The techniques used to make those detailing could affect the overall quality and appearance of the jewelry pieces.


When you go out shopping for jewelry to any major outlet, you might not see any mention of how the product is made.  


On the contrary, when you visit a jewelry designer, they are likely to tell you their product is handmade.


While purchasing jewelry, most people keep in mind the importance of how the gemstone is composed. 


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We've compiled this simple guide to help you understand the process of choosing between handmade and cast jewelry so you can spend less time deciding what to pick.


The Handmade Jewelry: The Benefits


As the name implies, handmade jewelry is fashioned by hand and involves working with metal from scratch using a very high end of craftsmanship.


Handmade jewelry pieces are usually crafted using jewelry metal without the use of any mould, wax or other additions. 


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The handmade pieces are naturally stronger and have been hardened by the process of bending, rolling, shaping and hammering. They are almost 50% harder than cast jewelry.


Handmade pieces are easier to mix with different metals to make a single piece without having durability concerns which is not the case with cast jewelry.


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The Cast Jewelry: The Benefits


The cast jewelry involves pouring molten metal into moulds by first carving or 3D printing a wax model of the finished jewelry product.


It is very less expensive as compared to handmade jewelry and requires less time and labor.


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Casting metal jewelry is built for versatility and can go well with a variety of stones.


Casting is a very efficient procedure for producing great volumes of jewelry pieces since it is possible to use multiple moulds at once.


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Interestingly, with handmade jewelry you are able to use the right amount of metal required, that allows for sleek and delicate finished products.


If you want to put on incredibly precious stones, you can save a few bucks on the setting with casting jewelry as it is the most cost-effective option and can still be beautiful.


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