Good Luck Jewelry for The New Year 2023

Good Luck Jewelry for The New Year 2023

Life is full of ups and downs. Having a personal connection to a jewelry piece helps create a positive energy and bring good luck into your life.


Any favorite jewelry piece can be a lucky charm if you create a bond with it. With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of love you can nudge all the odds of life in your favor with the luckiest collection.


Good luck is like your invisible friend who occasionally helps you in your daily life and makes you feel better about yourself.


Most of the women have their lucky charm to travel with them which is the best way to increase their chances of success in every aspect of life. 


So a good luck jewelry piece does have special powers or maybe the good luck was there all along that brings out the best in its wearer.


To help you find a design that suits you best, we have compiled the most popular good luck jewelry designs, each one more beautiful than the other.


  1. Moon & Stars


Adorn your dreams close to your heart when you’re reaching for the moon and star. It can be a great choice to help get you double the luck in any given situation or circumstance. 

Starting the list is this gorgeous Moon Shape with Zircon Sterling Silver Ring for Women designed to bring its wearer luck and prosperity.


This beautiful ring conveniently travels with you around your ring, and goes well with almost any outfit or style.


  1. Birthstones


Have you ever heard that wearing your birthstone jewelry is also considered a sign of good luck? 


Since ancient times gemstones have held special meaning to people and are a great addition to wardrobes of any style. To offer each zodiac sign success, abundance, love, and a lot more, there's always a gemstone listed as a lucky charm. 

Another wildly popular lucky charm is this stunning European Vintage Pear Drop Silver Drop Earrings for Women crafted with natural Tourmaline.

  1. Evil Eye


A piece designed to send out rays of good energy vibes to the person wearing it, all while adding the perfect golden touch to your look.

Blue Zircon Devil's Eye Design Sterling Silver Ring for Women has a polished golden surface with an eye in the center which symbolizes God watching over humanity.

The devil eye also symbolizes purification, and they are believed to purify their environment from negative energy. Generally worn to ward off the malicious evil eyes of onlookers who cast their ill intentions.


There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a good luck charm. Ultimately, the most crucial factor is that it holds a personal significance and brings you positive vibes.


Through this detailed guide, we hope that you are going to find the right good luck charm piece for yourself which can make a positive impact in your life. Good luck!


If you’re in search of the jewelry pieces that attract good luck, you can find your very own lucky charm in the Planderful collection. You can also shop from our gemstone collection in-store.

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