Gift Your Mother a Necklace Matching Her Personality

Gift Your Mother a Necklace Matching Her Personality

It is not always an easy job to find a gift for your mom. Chocolate and flowers are a Mothers' day thing, so why not give a beautiful necklace matching her personality.


Personalized jewelry isn’t just beautiful; but is the most meaningful gift to your mother.


Mother's Day falls on the 8th of May but even a whole lifetime isn’t enough to thank for the services that a mom puts into for her children. 


Certain times all you need is a sparkly gem to make her feel like a queen on her special day. A piece of jewelry can be the best gift to express your love, care, and appreciation for mom.


If she's the one with the loudest laugh


Just give her something that reflects her exuberant lust for life that best matches her personality.

(Two Colours) White Zircon Geometric Buckles Pendants Collarbone Necklace for Women will go with party outfits and serious suits - anything to get her noticed.


For the mom that craves a little more sophistication, this beautiful necklace is the ideal accessory for a classic and feminine vibe. 


If she's the quintessentially modern mother


The chic and sophisticated 21st-century mum who keeps herself up to date with the jewelry trends and style deserves a modern trendy piece.

Fashioned in silver, just a glimpse of the (Two Colours) White Zircon Heart with Crucifix Pendants Two-ply Collarbone Necklace for Women will set her pulse racing. 


The accessory features a heart-shaped detail that will become her favorite piece after her wedding ring.


If she's the gentle mums of a delicate disposition


For gentle mums, go for a simple necklace that lets your mother wear your affection for her around her neck. Bless.

(Two Colours) White Zircon Spring Pendants Collarbone Necklace for Women is a subtle and unobtrusive choice and will give any outfit she wears a touch of sophistication.


This modern trendy minimal statement necklace is great for those days when Mom's outfit needs a hint of sparkle.


If she's a classy lady


A classy necklace with primly polished pearls can be the perfect gift, your mother will appreciate such an elegant choice.

This timeless (Two Colours) Natuarl Pearls Tassels Drop Pendants Collarbone Necklace for Women will carry her through day or night, and can be worn with anything.


This delicate gold/silver necklace features a set of tiny pearls that adds a feminine touch to her manicure.


If she's the flower-power at heart


She probably wore flowers in her hair in the 70s, a little unusual like floral offerings would be something she would love.

It's time to update the look with antique-feel with Tulips Pendants 925 Silver Collarbone Necklace for Women.


Does your mom love roses? If so, she's bound to love this simple but beautiful rose flower necklace.


Planderful has a fantastic collection of striking gold and diamond accessories to make your mother feel gorgeous and stunning! So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss to check out our latest designs with trendy patterns right here! 

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