Get the Perfect Accessories for Your Job Interview

Get the Perfect Accessories for Your Job Interview

You’ve fixed up your resume, Now, it’s time to prepare for the interview. As you locate the company map route to their office, don’t forget to spend some time choosing what accessory you’ll wear.  


First impressions are everything; each accessory you wear sends a different message that affects your first impressions. 


When it comes to the accessories, it's best to keep it minimal, after all, you want your interviewer's attention to be on you, not distracted by your bling.


For instance, if you're applying for a creative career in the fashion/arts industry you would be able to get away with a few more flashy pieces. 


Accessorizing for Your Job Interview 


A thoughtful selection of accessories could be the deal-breaker. Pendants are the best way to add an extra element that could work in your favor if done wisely.


If you are taking a handbag with you, aim for something lowkey and neutral colored. 


If you can, have your handbag match your shoes that would be great too. For example, black shoes with a black bag is a perfect combo.


The Best Accessories for A Job Interview Look


When carefully selected, your accessories can help you to come off as polished and elegant.


First of all, congrats on getting through to the interview stage. What jewelry is suitable depends on the job you're going for. 


When it comes to curating a professional look for an interview, you can’t forget about your pendant set. 


Keep it simple with pendants. You would want your interviewer's eyes on your face, not your décolletage!


A simple yet beautiful pendant is a key way to look polished, put together, and perfectly professional for a job interview look.


Does it sound challenging? We are here to help you choose just the right pendant for your job interview. 


Keep scrolling for a compiled list of various types of pendant sets ideal for a professional touch to your job interview.


Keep it simple


When it comes to accessories, less is more. Keep your accessories on the conservative side. 


Subtle and stylish crystal or gemstone pendants are perfect for exuding charm. 

Luxury Style Interlocking Design Natural Colourful Gemstone Love Heart Pendant Silver Necklace for Women could be the trendy choice, adding a splash of subtle vibrance and eschewing the monotony of neutral shades in the corporate world. 

Quality, not quantity


Wear pendants, but keep them high-quality, smaller and simple. Pendant — gold, silver, pearl or diamond — frames a face with subtlety.


Exotic and vivid, solitaire pendants like the Green Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop (Rose Gold Colour) Dolphin Necklace for Women are bound to shine with a chic rose gold chain pendant that makes your face glow, highlighting the texture of your skin tone.

Accessories to Avoid


Never go for the accessories which you don’t feel comfortable in wearing at your job interview. 


Make sure that if you dress in stiff and formal clothes that are very far from your normal dress, you’ll feel unnatural and awkward. It would be great to dress quite conservatively.


Take a look at the chic and stylish designs of pendants from Planderful and you'll find something that gives you a puff of confidence for your job interview.

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