Flowers in jewelry and their meaning

Flowers in jewelry and their meaning

Flowers in jewelry have a wonderful meaning. Flowers immerse us in a magical world full of positive energies, which you can bring to your life if you decide to wear jewelry with figures of these flowers that nature gives us. Today in Planderful we will tell you some details of these natural resources that have been used as symbols since ancient times, and that today are part of the most varied and beautiful designs of garments of all kinds.


The symbolism of flowers in the history

Already in Ancient Egypt, the presence of floral offerings in the form of necklaces can be observed in many burials. As in Ancient Greece, jewelry was made with plant motifs, leaves, and flowers, which the deceased wore on his journey to the afterlife. This is because flowers are a symbol of rebirth and life, and protection as a solar symbol.

From that moment on, there is no culture that does not represent flowers in its art, and also in jewelry, made with all kinds of materials and in all kinds of shapes. Nowadays, floral motifs have not gone out of fashion. They are one of the most recurrent in jewelry and in all kinds of artistic manifestations.  They can be represented in a naturalistic or abstract form, and they are so diverse in nature that it is difficult not to find a piece of jewelry that we might like whose motif is flowers.

In the 19th century, "floral sprays", brooches in the shape of a bouquet of flowers in which all kinds of materials and stones fit, became very popular. However, the most classic flowers continue to be fashionable in jewelry. In Planderful we will tell you the meaning of the most popular flowers in jewelry.


Types of Flowers

Fleur de Lis

Also known as the lily, this flower in ancient times was used in the coats of arms and other objects of French royalty, being one of the most popular images, along with the lion, the eagle, and the cross. It has been associated since the 12th century, specifically with King Louis VII, who used it on a seal for the first time. However, in Mesopotamia, ancient Babylon, it is said that it was used as a decorative element in the "Gate of Ishtar", built by Nebuchadnezzar II in 575 BC.

If we look for the meaning of flowers in jewelry, we find that the fleur-de-lis signifies loyalty, power, honor, and sovereignty. It is also a symbol of purity not only of the body but of the soul. It is important to note that many religions have used the fleur-de-lis as a symbol of mysticism and alchemy.


The Roses

Other flowers in jewelry are roses, which also have different meanings depending on their color. White roses symbolize fidelity, sweetness, innocence, romanticism, and purity, while red roses are the ultimate symbol of passion and love as a couple.The red rose and the white rose are the flowers we remember the most, however, there are roses of many other colors.

The pink rose is given a meaning of friendship and appreciation. It is also a symbol of sympathy, openness, and kindness. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and joy. It is a perfect rose to decorate centerpieces for birthdays and various parties. It has also been given more hidden meanings. Some say that yellow is the color of double intentions.

Finally, the azure rose has been gaining prominence in recent years in the world of bridal floristry. Many brides choose it to complement their bouquets and bouquets for its great beauty and its soothing and peace-creating meaning.


Lotus Flower

Flowers in jewelry are undoubtedly a very important element, not only for their beauty but also for what they represent. The lotus flower is one of the most used because it symbolizes spirituality, sacredness, and purity. It is also associated with cosmic harmony because it has eight petals that represent the eight directions of space in the universe.

Eastern cultures associate it with rebirth and strength. It is said that the lotus flower is born in the darkness of the pond, then rises little by little until it reaches the surface and finally opens, without having maintained any contact with the water or the earth.

But, there are other meanings associated with Greek mythology. It is believed that the lotophages ate lotus flowers because they provided them with strength, while in Buddhism the gods are always presented sitting on a lotus flower. In Hindu culture, Brahma is depicted as emerging from an open lotus from Vishnu's navel.

This type of flower in jewelry finds an important place in the design of jewelry through which you want to convey a specific message. For example, in different cultures, the lotus is associated with various colors that have their own meaning. The blue lotus flower is the symbol of peace and wisdom and is almost always closed. The white lotus flower represents purity and harmony in its 8 petals, which are closed at night, submerged in water, and come out with the first rays of the sun. The red lotus flower symbolizes, like other flowers, passion in all that is done. Finally, the pink color is associated with the divine and therefore with the gods, being the lotus flower preferred by Hindus.


Other flowers used in jewelry

Jewelry with the sunflower symbolizes power, the pursuit of goals, and strength. On their side, carnations are called "the flowers of God", but their meaning varies according to the color. The pink carnation symbolizes a mother's love for her children, while the red one means friendship and love, and the white one is the exponent of fidelity.

If you want to evoke love and sensuality, you can resort to orchid jewelry. If you want a symbol of optimism, innocence, and simplicity for children, you should use daisy jewelry.


Flowers in general are perfect to convey affection. That's why flower jewelry is an ideal gift to give to that person you care so much about. You can bring the Valentine's Day gift forward with some of our jewelry with flower charms. Discover more of our products on the Planderful website.

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