Flawless Moissanite Ring

Flawless Moissanite Ring

The composition of the ring

A seemingly simple ring will be disassembled into various parts in the eyes of designers, each part has articles to do, and various combinations make a small ring with ever-changing charm.

Generally speaking, a ring is generally divided into five parts: main stone, side stone, matching stone, flower head, and ring arm.


1.1Classic six-prong diamond ring

The six-prong diamond ring is a style in which six prongs are fastened to the diamond. This structure makes the diamond ring firmly set on the main base. It is the oldest and most classic style of the diamond ring. This diamond ring fully considers the refraction of light in terms of cutting, so that it can emit a dazzling light under the irradiation of light, which is suitable for girls who are usually dressed in trendy fashion.

1.2 Four-prong diamond ring

Compared with the six-prong diamond ring, the four-prong diamond ring has two less prongs, but this does not affect the stability of its structure. The design of this diamond ring is relatively simple and generous, suitable for girls who usually dress in a low-key manner. Four-prong groove diamond rings can be set with more types and shapes of diamonds, so they often give people more surprises in design and style.

1.3 Wrap-around diamond ring

On one hand, the wrap-around diamond ring is the shape of the card slot that supports the diamond, and on the other hand, most styles also have a small diamond ring inlaid in the ring, so it is exquisite in workmanship. Generally not large, the ring is symmetrical with the main diamond in the center, which is homophonic with "bell heart", which means that the heart is in harmony and protects each other forever. It is suitable for the design of wedding rings.

1.4 Heart-shaped diamond ring

The heart-shaped diamond ring is very easy to understand, that is, the diamond ring is cut into a heart shape, and then the base of the ring is also made into a heart shape, which means that the heart is attached to each other and grows together forever. 

1.5 Main diamond model and main diamond + broken diamond model

The small diamond ring condenses the designer's ingenuity and the unique memory of each pair of lovers, and the styles become very numerous.

In Conclusion, it can be divided into two types, namely the simple style with only main diamonds and the style with main diamonds + broken diamonds.


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