Fashionable Band Ring for Women You Should Know About

Fashionable Band Ring for Women You Should Know About

If you love to stand out in the crowd and embrace your beauty, having a unique band ring any person will ever wear.

The hunt for something unique and classy may be a little challenging for band ring designs.


These bands come in white, yellow, and rose gold, opening up several options for you. Band rings are mostly used as wedding rings.


Getting engaged is the most exciting moment in life. Beautiful band rings can grace your special occasion with all the blessings needed. 


If you’re on the lookout for something that stands out, something you have rarely seen before, here’s a quick guide on unique band rings that should tickle your fancy. 


The Basics of Band Rings 


The wedding band rings for women are not just stylish but symbolic as well. 


Back in history Romans used rings to signify the pledge made between two people as they entered into the marriage covenant. 


These days you can shop for high-quality premium band rings by not even stepping out of your house. Well, all thanks to technology. 


While shopping online for wedding band rings, you have countless options available. 


You can have these eternity rings that symbolize love with different engagement ring settings, styles, diamond shapes, and overall ring designs.


Especially if you have widely varying tastes, you may prefer to pick eye-catching designs.


You can make your pick based on your preference that is flattering in its own way.


The elegant ring band with a Moissanite for women is the best style of engagement ring for everyone. No one could ever imagine such an expensive-looking ring at such an affordable budget. 

Moissanite band rings have a shine better than diamond with a refractive index higher than diamond (2.65). 


Moissanite Band Rings require minimal maintenance, allowing your ring to sparkle with a forever shine.


These amazing ring bands have a scratch-resistant design, so if your ring falls down accidentally, it won’t get a single scratch.


This wedding ring embellishes your beauty to the next level. It has a heat-resistant design that allows it to retain its luster even at 1100-degree centigrade temperature.


Moissanite measures 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness making it one of the hardest gemstones on the earth after diamonds.  


You need not to worry about its durability as it stays with you forever once you buy it. 


Important Features of Moissanite Band Rings:

  • Tapered using 925 sterling silver. 

  • All its stones are round shaped.

  • The stones have VVS quality which is the highest quality of gemstones as per industry standards.

  • The total stone weight of the ring is 0.76 carat.


Carry elegance wearing this Elegant Ring Band, the perfect symbol of a beautiful Journey!


At Planderful, we are focused on you: understanding what you love, your vision, your personalized design – and your budget.


The wait is finally over and as Moissanites grow in popularity so does our repertoire of Semi Eternity Moissanite Band Ring Pack for Women.


Each piece of Jewelry is personalized to perfection, so take your time – we’re right there with you every step of the way!

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