Earrings and Face Shapes

Earrings and Face Shapes

This is a super helpful post for all the girls who want to know which earrings match their face shapes. We'll discuss the subtle differences between different face shapes and what kind of jewelry looks best on them. If you like wearing earrings, choosing them by your face shape is essential. One mistake that people make regularly is wearing one type of earring for all face shapes, despite their differing appearances.

We'll start with square faces, as they are most common, and then we'll move through all the other shapes in order. A square-shaped face is one with a broad jawline and a high forehead. Earrings that look best on these faces include dangly earrings or any earring with an elongated shape. The ones that have shorter ends will get lost in the cheek area. Please don't do a pair of too-chunky studs, as they will add to the width of your face. When it comes to any pendant earrings, you want to steer clear from anything round or oval, as it will make your head look rounder. You're better off with something like this: The same goes for dangly earrings and chandelier earrings. You want something that has a longer end, so it doesn't add width to your face.


Let's move on to the following type of face shape: the heart. Like a square face, these girls have high foreheads and broad jawlines but wider chins and narrower faces. You get what this means it:

Just like with squares, you don't want elongated earrings here. They will take away from your face.


Lastly, let's talk about oblong faces. This type of face shape is tricky because some people have them and some don't. If you have one, however, you know it goes from a square to a triangle shape. They have broad jaws and high foreheads like other square-shaped people, but they have broader chins and narrower faces compared to different types of square faces like the ones we discussed above.

To make this face shape look more attractive, cut off a bit of length from the bottom. You're better off with dangling earrings that have a longer end on the bottom or ones that have short sides. Please don't do a pair of earrings where both sides are the same length because it will add to the width of your face.

Let's move on to heart faces next. These types have a wider jawline and higher cheeks than others. To make their faces look more proportionate, you also want to elongate the front. You could do this by elongating the earrings or the necklace/bracelet. For earrings, you can go with longer dangly earrings or studs. Either way, it will elongate your face and make your head look more proportional:

Next are diamond-shaped faces. These women have narrow chins and broad foreheads like squares, but their faces are wider from top to bottom than other shapes we've talked about so far. If you want to elongate your face, you can elongate the earrings, the necklace, or the bracelet.

The ones that look best on these faces are longer dangle earrings so that it doesn't take up too much horizontal space off of your face. Studs can also work here. Dangling earrings with shorter ends are too chunky for this shape and will make your head look wider.

Lastly, let's take a look at oval-shaped faces. These have a longish chin and wide cheekbones, but their eyes are narrow. You can elongate your face by elongating the earrings or the necklace/bracelet. It's tough to do both simultaneously, so it is recommendable to choose one of those three and stick with it. Earrings on oval-shaped faces should be shorter, as well. This will elongate the face and make it look more proportionate.

Type of Face

Choice of Earring

Square Face

If you have a square face, your best choice is a diamond-shaped earring.

Round Face

Choose medium-sized studs or hoops that are very simple in design

Oval Face

Oval faces can wear almost any type of earring because you are lucky enough to have one shape that works for your face and hair length.

Long Face

A long face will be helped by earrings that are not as long and not too wide.

Heart Face

Hoops, studs, or shorter dangling earrings should be your first choice, followed by dangles that are simple in design rather than large ones with lots of movement.

Pear face

choose small studs or hoops and dangles with a lot of movement

Oblong Face

Try a pair of long dangle earrings


Reasons to wear earrings according to your face shape

  1. To elongate the face.
  2. To make the jawline look sharper.
  3. To make your head look proportional.
  4. Make your head look balanced (if one side of your face is longer or more comprehensive than the other).
  5. Bring attention to something you love about yourself and draw attention away from anything else you might not love (like buck teeth, a strong chin, etc.)
  6. To have a pop of color in an all-black or all-white outfit (it's all about balance).
  7. Have a flash of color in an all-black or all-white outfit (it's all about balance).
  8. To be exciting and stand out and different from everyone else- to get noticed, because when you WOW them, people will take notice.
  9. To look like a head turner next to someone they'd love to look good next to!
  10. To make an outfit statement.
  11. To be different from one another and to look "original."
  12. To be different from everyone else in the room.
  13. To make a statement about your style, personality, and fashion taste.
  14. For special events like prom or night out on the town, you can wear a headband to give your hair some volume, elongate your face and put emphasis on something you're most proud of (like your eyes)
  15. To look fancy and fun, because you can't have fun without making a statement!
  16. To be unique and stand out from the crowd!
  17. To make an outfit match your style!
  18. For working out at the gym or everyday life to help your self-confidence, I recommend dangly earrings- they will elongate your face and make it look more proportional, which is excellent for self-confidence! Bangles are also suitable for elongating and balancing the body too.


You should wear earrings that match your face shape for numerous reasons. It's a simple way to make yourself look stunning, more stylish, and confident without having to change your entire look- just adding a pair of earrings. Hopefully, this helped you understand the importance of wearing earrings that match your face shape and is helping you choose the perfect pair!

If you ever want to know something specific about our jewelry selection, or if you have any questions about anything here, comment below! Thank You so much for reading! If you'd like to read more information on earrings and other fashionable topics, please go to


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