Earring Tips for Women with Long Hair

Earring Tips for Women with Long Hair

Earrings… They can really spice up an outfit and add a touch of personality. But with so many different types and shapes of earrings out there, it can be tough to know which ones are right for you.


If you have long hair, you know it can be hard to find the right earrings. And if you're like most girls, you probably want them to match your outfit and also look cute or professional. But how do you find the perfect pair of earrings that will make your long hair look good?


Sometimes, it can be hard to know what type or shape of earring to wear with your long hair. That's why we have put together this handy guide to earring types and shapes for long haired women!


Types of Earrings

There are four main types of earrings: studs, hoops, dangles, and chandeliers. Each has its own unique look and can be worn with different hair styles.


Stud earrings are the simplest type of earring. They're small and delicate, and they sit close to the earlobe. Studs are a great choice for everyday wear, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Round Stud


Moissanite Classic Earrings for Women


Hoops are another classic earring style. They're bigger than studs and have a more dramatic look. Hoops can be worn with both long and short hair, and they look great with updos.


Green Miniball with Pearl Enamel Silver Hoop Earrings for Women


Irregular Round Hoops - Golden Hoop for Women


Dangles are earrings that hang down from the earlobe. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be dressy or casual. Dangles are a great choice for long-haired women because they add movement and interest to the hair.

Yellow Crystal (Rose Gold Colour) Earrings for Women


Poker Enamel with Pearls Drop Earrings for Women


Chandeliers are the most dramatic type of earring. They're long and elegant, and they make a statement. Chandeliers are best worn with updos or long, flowing hair.

Red & Golden Moon Star Enamel Dorp Earrings for Women


Golden Silk Ribbon Enamel Drop Earrings for Women



Choosing the Right Shape for Your Long Hair

Now that you know the different types of earrings, it's time to choose the right shape for your long hair. Here are some tips:

  1. If you have straight hair, choose earrings that are slim and delicate. Studs, hoops, and dangles are all good choices.


  1. If you have wavy hair, choose earrings that are a little bigger and more substantial. Hoops, dangles, and chandeliers all look great with wavy hair.


  1. If you have curly hair, choose earrings that are big and bold. Chandeliers and dangles are the best choices for curly hair.


No matter what type of earring you choose, make sure it's the right size for your hair. If you have very fine hair, choose smaller earrings. If you have thick hair, choose larger earrings.


If you have long hair, you know that it can be really hard to style. There are a lot of things to worry about when you have a lot of hair—how is your hair going to stay where you want it? How is it going to look when it's down? Do I need to use hairspray or gel?




Earring Tips for Long Haired Ladies

But if you're looking for more amazing tips on how to style your long hair, we've got some great ones for you!


  1. Don't pull on them.


  1. Don't yank on them.


  1. Don't tug on them unless you want to break them (and we’re not kidding).


  1. Don't let your earrings touch each other or any other metal surfaces while wearing them because they could get scratched up pretty easily by anything metal that touches them, including your watch or even just metal jewelry itself (which can scratch easily when it rubs against other pieces of metal).


  1. If you have long hair and you're trying to make your earrings look good, don't wear them too close to the top of your ear. It looks like you're wearing a bow in your hair.


  1. Do not go overboard with your earrings! They should be small enough that they barely fit into your ear, but not so small that they look like an ornament dangling from your lobe.


  1. Opt for earrings that are lightweight. Choose earrings that are medium to large in size.


  1. Avoid earrings that are too small or too large. Statement earrings that are not too huge are dramatic and eye-catching, and they'll definitely turn heads when you walk into a room.


  1. Consider your hairstyle when choosing earrings. You’ll want to make sure the earrings are not too heavy, as they may pull on your hair. You’ll also want to avoid earrings that are too small, as they may get lost in your hair.


  1. Consider what kind of shape your ears are in. Are they round or long? If they're long, then maybe you should go with longer earrings instead of shorter ones that will look too short against your face. If they're short, then try wearing smaller sized earrings instead of larger ones because they'll give your face more curve appeal than if they were too big or too small for your face shape.



If you find yourself thinking about how many pairs of earrings you should own for every outfit, just remember that this is something we all do when we're bored or excited about something—not because we actually care about having lots of things on our bodies at once! So keep it simple and remember why you picked these particular pairs in the first place: because they made you happy when you wore them; because they made other people happy when they saw them; because they made someone else happy who knew better than us what looked good on us; because they reminded us of our childhoods or teenage years or some other period in our lives when everything was great!


One of the great things about having long hair is that you can experiment with all sorts of different earring styles and shapes.




If you're looking for something a little more subtle, stud earrings are a great option. You can choose from a range of different metals and stones, so you can find a pair that matches your personal style. If you're after a statement earring, go for a pair of stately drop earrings. These earrings are elegant and sophisticated, and they'll definitely make you feel like a million bucks. Browse through our amazing collection here at Planderful to discover our wide array of fabulous earrings for long-haired women.


So, there you have it—our top earring tips for long haired women. Whatever your style, there's a pair of earrings out there that's perfect for you. So, go ahead and experiment, and find the perfect earrings to complement your long locks!


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