Ear Party: how to combine earrings in several holes

Ear Party: how to combine earrings in several holes

Earrings stand out for being one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry we have in our jewelry box. Who does not have a pair of basic earrings in gold or silver? These types of small and simple earrings combine beautifully with any of our looks, and when we are in a hurry they are the best complement to look more dressed up.

If you want to be fashionable, you have to know about this trend. Ear Party means combining different earrings, pendants, and button earrings in several holes in the same ear. This allows you to mix and match colors and gems depending on your mood. Although this trend had its biggest boom between the 80s and 90s, the classics always come back and today they are more fashionable than ever.

Earrings come in a thousand sizes, shapes, and colors, and we all love them. But the Ear Party has more and more followers. To build our own style we must pay attention to the space in our ear and the diversity of designs. The latest trends when it comes to combining several earrings bet on creating a perfect balance between the most feminine earrings, such as pearls or earrings, with earrings that suggest a provocative image.

The most classic combination consists of a simple pendant together with one or more matching button earrings. Avoid mixing a bold collection of earrings with other jewelry, which will make the overall effect too overloaded. It's better to have all the attention on your ears.

Earrings are the perfect accessory, and at Planderful we have a wide variety in our catalog for you to choose your favorites. There really isn't a single part of your ear that you can't adorn with an earring, so why not get creative?

Here are the tips to combine earrings in several holes, and follow the Ear Party trend!

Combine several small earrings

Small and delicate stud earrings are a fantastic choice. They give us plenty of room to add multiple options, which will make all those layers of earrings much more visually appealing.

One option is to opt for a combination of minimalist gold hoops. If you're a girl who prefers simple, go easy on the gold earrings combination on your ears! It is best to combine basic gold earrings in different sizes.

If there is a color that has the first place in the ranking is gold. They never go out of fashion, and at the Ear Party, of course, they are trendy. These earrings can be worn all day, every day, as we will hardly notice that we are wearing them.

The small golden earrings can also be combined with earrings with zirconia, they will look spectacular! You can even combine this type of earring with open earrings along the ear, which are adjusted to the size of our cartilage. They go great with any other normal earrings you wear on your earlobe.




Add a larger earring to the combination

Minimalist, lobe-hugging hoop earrings are very popular right now, and for good reason. They look great on their own and are especially versatile when paired with other earrings.

In addition to the lobe (both the second and third), we can also wear them on the helix of our ear (the top of the auricle). A pair of earrings on the helix and on the lobe represents a subtle way of introducing us to this trend.

However, we cannot accumulate earrings without finding a certain balance, otherwise, our ears will stop looking like a party and will resemble more of a mess. The trend of wearing 3 earrings in the ear, is to wear them in gradients, with the largest first and decreasing in size as they go up the lobe.

If you choose to wear a dangle earring, pair it with ear clips, in the same way that we combine tiny button earrings with hoop earrings. Balance first and foremost.




Think earring color

There's nothing like colorful stones to add a touch of class to an ear covered in jewelry. Adding bright gemstones or semi-precious stones can really liven up your ear and are perfect anywhere from the lobe to the helix.

The optimal way to use a lot of earrings at the same time is usually following a theme in common. If we choose to combine a pair of pearl swarm earrings with small stud earrings, the combination will not be very eye-catching.

Wearing multiple metal earrings is easier than wearing multiple earrings with colored stones at the same time, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. If you only want to wear colored stones, make sure the shades are complementary.

While using the same metal for the whole combination is perfectly valid, we suggest the unexpected look that comes from combining gold and silver.




Mix the delicate with the flashy

If sporting multiple earrings in your ear aren't bold enough for you, take your style a step further with big, bold earrings. Hoop earrings are worn in the first ear hole and then add tiny earrings or even smaller earrings that hug the cartilage.

Dressy and casual pieces work great together when they have something in common. For example, you can create a theme where yellow gold reigns supreme to make them look uniquely beautiful. You can also create a geometric-inspired theme by combining small triangular-shaped earrings with circular ear clips and linear dangle earrings. Use your imagination and make the pieces have a common element.

Finally, when combining several earrings it is also important to pay attention to the rest of your jewelry. If your ear has a festive look, try not to wear several pendants too flashy, thick bracelets, or rings of various colors. Add prominence to your earrings and be subtle with the rest of your jewelry.




Ready to create your first Ear Party? Be sure to browse Planderful's wide selection and discover our small earrings collections.

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