Discover your animal spirit with these jewels

Discover your animal spirit with these jewels

The animal spirit has always been present in jewelry since humans used bones, skulls and animal skins to decorate their bodies, which is now history. Yes, that's how old this trend is. Animals help us to transmit our personality that we ourselves represent with our experiences. Today in Planderful we will tell you the meaning of the most popular animals in jewelry. Discover your animal spirit in this article.


Animals and jewelry

Animal-inspired jewelry has always been present in our lives decorating the bodies of men and women. At the beginning, bones, skins and skulls of animals were used. Then, over the centuries, jewelry took wildlife as a source of inspiration, without the need to harm any living being.

Animals have become an inspiration for the creation of jewelry because they give the pieces strength, personality and rebelliousness, among other features. There is no animal that is excluded, we can find from insects, such as spiders, flies or dragonflies, to more majestic animals, such as lions, tigers, peacocks, bears, among others.

Animal figures can be found in any type of jewelry: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, or brooches. This theme is not enclosed only under a style, but we find an infinity of them that have fallen under the spell of the animal world. We find elegant, fine, robust, rock, formal and informal pieces.

But the animal spirit in jewelry is not only based on literally representing animals, but is inspired by their shapes, textures and colors, to create prints, drawings, and structures that are not reminiscent of animals. The maximum exponent of this trend is the classic print called animal print, and more than one knows what trend we are referring to. It is about decorating jewelry by recreating the skin of animals, for example, leopard spots, zebra, reptile skin, are the most common.

At the beginning, these patterns started by recreating a realistic pattern with the real colors of the animals. But nowadays this trend has resurfaced with more artificial colors such as yellows, pinks, or blues. This gives jewelry, and even watches, a more fantasy look.

Animal jewelry are decorative pieces but some of them have a meaning of their own, beyond the personal. This is the case of the panther that since ancient times represented the symbol of power, seduction and triumph. It was so important that it ended up being incorporated by the great jewelers of the time in their collections.

Great personalities of all times have fallen at the feet of this wonderful feline. The history of jewelry based on the animal world includes different important personalities. This is the case of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, son of Sultan Aga Khan III, who over the years commissioned numerous pieces of this feline for his wives.


Discover your animal spirit

Animal jewelry are decorative pieces that we choose according to our personal tastes, but it is true that some animals have a meaning of their own, beyond the personal. These are some of the most popular animals in jewelry. Discover their meaning and find your animal spirit.


Owl: The main meanings of this animal is wisdom, intuition and clairvoyance. The owl is a nocturnal bird that is characterized by always being aware of everything around it. It is an animal that is aware of everything that happens and has a great intuition to control situations, and uses all its knowledge to make everything happen in its favor, so it is identified with very observant, wise people, with a great understanding.


Dolphin: If there is one quality that identifies the Dolphin, it is intelligence, as well as beauty. It is identified with travelers or nomads, who love the freedom that the world offers them, and when they feel enclosed or overwhelmed, they become very sad animals.


Wolf: wolves live in packs so they are animals that appreciate living in a group and being loyal to it.  So wearing the figure of a wolf or feeling linked to this animal conveys the idea of having a great sense of family, for them the family is the most important thing, like a wolf with his pack.

Wolves also identify with being loyal, not only to the family, but also to their sentimental partners, and for them it is extremely important to be faithful and honest. They are the opposite of cats, they have a very delimited sense of individuality. Dogs are very similar to wolves.


Insects: Insects such as butterflies and caterpillars, flies, and dragonflies, represent the transformation of a change. They are identified with people who emerge stronger from problems or negative events and reemerge as new, stronger and more vibrant people. Like butterflies, they are usually sweet and kind people, despite having gone through problems, they are not angry with the world.


Feline: felines, like cats or lions, balance with independent and persevering people because they are very individualistic animals that love to feel independent, this helps them to know more about themselves.

People who have felines among their favorite animals are people who worship calm and tranquility to live, although they have character and this comes out in the most precious and most convenient moments. They don't get upset about anything, but when they get angry they better run.


Deer: This herbivore is identified with people with a great sense of kindness, gentleness, and above all, compassion and empathy. The deer is characterized by being an elegant and calm animal, but with a great intuition to know when it is in danger so it can run away. People who associate with this animal are usually very kind people who are always willing to help but know perfectly well when to stop and leave when they feel used.


Animals help us to transmit our personality or meanings, whether they are our own that we give them through our experiences, or through the cultural meanings that we have given them through history. Which animal do you choose?

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