Different Types of Earrings and How They Are Made

Different Types of Earrings and How They Are Made

Earrings are designed for decorative purposes, so it makes sense that the earring design has acquired a certain level of sophistication and value.


A well-matched pair of earrings are considered the best accessory to round off your look.


Back in history even the ancient Persian men wore earrings, and there's a strong cultural connection of pierced ears with male sailors and pirates. 


But do you really know anything about those lovely pairs of earrings? This tutorial will look at earrings and explain how they came to be in their present form – both as jewelry and as an article of culture. Here’s a sneak peek into earrings, and how they go from jewels to jewelry.


Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings are the simplest earrings, they are generally made out of beading wire and metals. The beading wire or the metals are then engineered using tools to achieve a circular form and then extra elements like beads, stones, etc. are added if needed.


Golden Round Drop Earrings - Golden Drop Earrings for Women are a great way of making a statement while looking tasteful.

These hoop drop earrings are perfect for a casual day out when you're feeling more dressy than usual. 


Drop Earrings 


Drop earrings structure starts with an earring hook, followed by a jump ring, and then the centerpiece of the earring. The encasing is either fused through soldering or got glue to maintain the shape and the final part of the drop earring is the ornament itself.


Green Zircon(7.5CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Earrings for Women is a perfect piece for those fearless women who like to shine bright in a crowd.

The green colored crystals of these gorgeous Zircon Earrings is a tribute to the light within you - the light of power, the light of knowledge, the light of love. 

Stud Earrings


Stud earrings are just a simple pearl or gemstone having washers to secure them and are at the back of the earlobe. A single stone or pearl is generally mounted on a flat surface made out of any metal like gold or silver depending upon the style of the earring.


0.5CT Moissanite Heart Shape Soleste Halo Studs for Women are an inspiration for the admirers of classics and sparkles.

These powerful statement heart crystal stud earrings are a reminder that self-love is the secret to happiness.


Tassel Earrings


Tassel earrings are more complex than the hoops as it has a minimum of three layers. The first layer is made of the earring hook. The next layer is usually the crucial piece, the jump rings. Jump rings are connectors that link the first layer and the last layer. 


Channel your inner Goddess with this unique pair of Red & Golden Moon Star Enamel Dorp Earrings for Women as we call it. 

The playful combination of red, gold and enamel colors make them unique and the asymmetric design sets them apart from the rest.


Dangler Earrings 


The main ornaments are generally linked in descending order according to their sizes to have a specific pattern in dangler earrings. They are structured linking the same-sized ornaments vertically. 


Blue Crystal Drop Earrings - Golden Drop Earrings for Women are a piece of sunshine that you can own to brighten up even the gloomiest of the days. 

These statement dangler earrings are a true showstopper and are bound to make heads turn with its bright blue color. 


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