Different Meaning of Classic Rings

Different Meaning of Classic Rings

1.0 Halo: The only love in the world.

The most common type, also known as a ring-set ring, is a ring of small supporting stones surrounding the main stone. The matching stones of the same color will make the main stone appear larger. 

2.0 bezel-set diamond ring

There is a variant of the light ring - Cluster, the difference from the former is that the matching stones of the cluster are larger, and visually it is a cluster of small flowers surrounding the main stone.

3.0 Three-stone ring:

past, present and future

love, romance and promise 

Three-stone ring, also called Trilogy Ring in English, is an ancient engagement ring style, popular in the Victorian period. Originally, the three-stone ring was a wedding anniversary ring, and the three stones on the ring represented: past, present and future, as well as love, romance and promise. 

4.0 Two stone ring (Toi et moi): French "Toi et Moi", meaning "you and me".

This statement comes from the great French monarch Napoleon. The world's first Toi et Moi ring was the engagement ring he gave to Josephine, the love of his life, in 1796. This two-stone ring, which was popular in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is believed to symbolize the intertwined emotion and commitment between lovers.

5.0 Solitaire: Unique.

For engagement rings, the solitaire style is the most popular. A single gem takes center stage and nothing distracts from its beauty.

6.0 Wedding band

The rings are generally divided into male and female models, with the same elements and differentiated designs. Wedding rings are mainly divided into engagement rings and wedding rings. Among them, the style of the engagement ring is relatively simple, usually consisting of a diamond and a simple arm, while the wedding ring usually has no center stone, just a simple ring.

7.0 Claddagh ring: Let love and friendship rule.

The heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and inseparability, and the crown represents loyalty to love and friendship. Whether it is love or friendship, all are crowned with the meaning of loyalty. This ring can be dedicated to either friendship or love.

8.0 Acrostic ring

This type of ring is usually composed of multiple gemstones, and the first letter of the gemstone is used to form a secret code to the wearer. Different gemstone combinations have different meanings, common ones are respect, amour, love, etc.

9.0 Gimmel ring

It is an engagement ring popular in England, Germany and other places in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Gimmel ring is a kind of multi-ring combination ring, which adopts a nested structure and is composed of 2-3 rings of equal size.

10.0 True Love Knot: A strong marriage.

In ancient Greece, people used a kind of jewelry in the shape of a double knot. This kind of knot is called true love knot, because it is very strong. It is widely used in sailing, also known as Reef knot (flat knot). In ancient Greece, newlyweds tied a knot, praying that the marriage would be as strong as the knot.

11.0 Signet ring: family heritage.

Many nobles, wealthy businessmen, and political leaders with status in Europe, in order to be able to handle official business anytime and anywhere, will print their family crests on their rings, make them into badge rings, and wear them everywhere.

12.0 Loyalty Ring (Fede ring): Loyalty.

The earliest Fede Ring is a ring with the pattern of two hands holding each other, which is a token of the covenant between the city-state and the city-state. One of the most important forms of alliance between city-states is marriage. Gradually, the Fede Ring has become one of the oldest wedding rings.


In addition to these 12 classic ring shapes, designers certainly have endless creativity to sway with gold and gemstones.

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