Common Misconceptions on Jewelry Fashion

Common Misconceptions on Jewelry Fashion

Jewelry fashion comprises two different but equally important parts: what a person designs and how they wear it. Though both aspects are important to maintaining a sense of style, many consumers often overlook the latter. Yet understanding how one wears their jewelry will help them in the long run, not just because it is chic, but also because there are some misconceptions on what jewelry should be worn with and instead of what you might see in fashion magazines.

This blog post dives into those misconceptions and why they cause problems for individuals looking to maintain an interesting style with their jewelry- wearing statement pieces that integrate into their daily life instead.

#1: Jewelry Design Trends

The first misconception is that the industry sets trends in jewelry fashion. Many people will say that they wear the latest fashion on their wrists, but when asked why they chose the more expensive designs, the answer is often because of the trendy look floating around in stores for months or even years. It's easy to fall into this because many people don't realize that these trends are rarely shown until months after they've been released to stores.

For instance, many designers will release their lines with larger stones at first, and somewhere down the line, as time goes on, those stones will become smaller to fit within a narrower variety of settings. Not only does this make the piece much more affordable, but it also makes it more versatile for the consumer.

#2: Fashioners Should Diversify

A fashioner or anyone passionate about their jewelry fashion should not just stick to one brand or style. This is because styles change so frequently now that individuals who follow trends will inevitably have a small collection of overused pieces because they are always buying things that fit the latest trend. Instead, they should be looking at individual designers and studying them to ensure they have a large variety of pieces to expand their wardrobe and ensure that their collection doesn't get too small or too big for them to handle daily.

#3: What to Wear with Jewelry

Many people think the jewelry fashion world revolves around what an individual wears with their fashion pieces. The truth is that less is more when it comes to fashion accessories. That isn't to say that you shouldn't wear anything because this often leads to many dull outfits, but the less you wear on your wrists, the better off you'll be. You should wear only a pair of bangles with a watch (if needed) or just one simple bangle on one wrist. Anything else can take away from your clothing and will only distract people from your outfit.

#4: Overused Jewelry Piece

The overused piece isn't just something people buy to wear with their clothes; it's also a piece worn with different outfits, regardless of whether or not they match. This is most likely because it is one of the most expensive pieces in an individual's collection, and they don't want to wear it again unless necessary. This problem can easily be solved by following the "less is more" rule when purchasing accessories, especially jewelry.

For instance, if someone has a beautiful diamond bracelet and wants to ensure they always have access to this piece, then they should only purchase two pairs of earrings to match the bracelet. If someone has a beautiful diamond wedding band, it is fine to wear the ring with other necklaces. The most important part is to ensure that the jewelry you are wearing reflects your personality and is not just something you bought because it's one of the most expensive pieces in your collection.

#5: Wedding Rings and Other Statement Pieces

Wedding rings often get a bad wrap, but they can be worn in so many different ways- unless they fit into one of the above categories we should avoid. Instead, these are the perfect pieces to wear around town with jeans or at a picnic on your weekend.

When one purchases a piece of jewelry that is too special to mix and match, it often becomes worn and dirty over time because it's not worn to look good. For instance, if one purchases a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry but they wear the same watch on their wrist and the engagement ring on their finger all the time, then this will only make them look lazy and cheap, which is not something you want your friends to think about you when you are out.

#6: The Jewelry Fashion Rules Are Set by Outlets

This myth is very old but persists today- which means that many people believe that what they wear on their wrists reflects what everyone else is wearing. While it is true that fashion outlets tend to promote a certain style every season, this doesn't mean that the fashion industry is forcing individuals to wear a certain style. Those who want to remain fashionable will purchase what they like and never follow a trend to ensure that they are not wearing something that they don't think complements their personality.

Overall, there are so many myths about jewelry fashion because the industry has become so competitive between the few designers creating pieces for women and men alike. If one purchases multiple pieces from different designers, one will have more options when it comes time for them to wear their jewelry. Not only will this help them be more creative with their look, but it will also help them become more involved in the jewelry fashion world than before.

In conclusion, jewelry fashion is an often-misunderstood industry that is so much more than what people think it is. The more one studies their style, the more options one will have to be the most fashionable. As the saying goes, "if you aren't wearing sunglasses, then you aren't allowed to see." This is true in jewelry fashion as well; if your jewelry is not on your person, then there's a good chance that you are doing something wrong. Don't pick and choose what pieces you like, and don't throw away those pieces that don't fit into your style because once you do that, the only thing left to do is spend even more money to create an even more cluttered look.

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