Colored Gemstones Meanings

Colored Gemstones Meanings

Colored gemstones are throughout jewelry as a precious compliment to so many of our designs. 


Maybe you’re looking for an engagement ring or you want a special gem to celebrate an anniversary or birthdate that stands out from a traditional clear diamond.


Gems are precious and semi-precious gemstones that come in all sizes and colors. There are thousands of different colored gemstones that are used in jewelry.


What Is A Gemstone?


Gemstone is a magical mineral created by Mother Earth. It is a precious, semi-precious rock, mineral, or organic material selected for its beauty, cut, and collected or worn.


During ancient times, gemstones were treasured as a symbol of status or wealth or used in healing. 


The mesmerizing beauty, durability and rarity of gemstones have enchanted humanity throughout history, and they have long been used in jewelry making.


Gemstones are found all over the world with many stunning varieties. There are a sheer number of choices available in jewelry that can be overwhelming, and you might feel like you need to be an expert to make a selection. 


The Colors of Gemstones And Their Meanings


Color is likely the first thing everyone would notice when looking at a stunning design of gemstone jewelry. 


We bring to you a detailed guide to colored gemstones that will help you know about them and decide on the perfect one for you or your beloved one.


Blue Gemstone - Sapphire, Aquamarine, Lapis


The most famous blue gemstone Sapphire is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. While Aquamarine gemstone is a beryl mineral tinted by impurities to get its blue hue.

Personality Design Inlaid Colourful Gemstone The Women Tops The Vat Oval Pendant Silver Necklace for Women is the best option.

Lapis is a gem known for its deep, opaque hue and has been used in jewelry designs and ornate objects for centuries.


Gemstones Meaning: Wisdom and Loyalty, Peace and Relaxation


Green Gemstone - Emerald, Jade, Peridot


Jade got a lighter shade, peridot has grassy green hue and its radiance in all lighting conditions. 


Emerald, green-colored gemstone, is one of the most vibrant and beautiful greens created by the natural world.

European s925 Silver Emerald Crystal Ring for Women can be a perfect choice.

Gemstones Meaning: Vitality, Energy, Creativity 


Yellow Gemstone - Citrine, Topaz, Amber


Citrine is the most popular pick, it is sometimes yellow and sometimes orange, which is why it's a stone for both Virgo and Libra.


Topaz is generally found in hues of golden brown and yellow as a silicate mineral. Amber is fossilized and produced by living organisms - tree resin that is used as an antique gemstone as well as a healing agent. 


Gemstones Meaning: Confidence and Kindness


Red Gemstone - Garnet, Ruby, Alexandrite


Garnet is a stunning red gem with a rich, dark red color and it has been used as a gemstone for ornaments since the Bronze Age.

Natural Garnet Flower Design Silver Studs Earrings for Women is a beautiful color for a romantic gift. 

The ruby only comes in red, and is known for its “pigeon blood” shade, but every shade is unique and it is one of the most expensive gemstones. 


Alexandrite is by far the most complex because it displays unique color-changing properties.


Gemstones Meaning: Love, Passion, Power 


Now that you know about the different colored gemstones, you also know that colored gemstones add that extra glitz to your jewelry collection. 


Still not sure which gemstone is best for you? Consider choosing your birthstone or find a treasured piece in the Planderful collection.

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