Choose your jewelry for day and night

Choose your jewelry for day and night

What woman doesn't love the versatility of her key pieces? Just as in clothing, in jewelry some pieces take us from day to night with maximum style and always look appropriate for the occasion. We invite you to arm yourself with some key pieces like the following. Make them your main allies and achieve countless impeccable looks from day to night!


Night or day?

As with shoes, clothes, or make-up, there are jewelry pieces that are designed to be worn at a specific time of the day, at night, and others during the day. However, we can find others that, combined with a more casual look, can be worn both when the sun is shining and when it goes out. Those products that carry diamonds are likely to be accessorized to wear on any occasion; they will match you perfectly with everything. Rings, bracelets, and simple silver pendants or simple gold jewelry are some of the accessories that can not miss in our jewelry box to wear daily.

A jewel is always an added value that brings elegance and sophistication to the outfit you wear or want to wear. It is for this reason that we must choose the right jewelry at all times, depending on the outfit we wear, with jewelry we can give a different touch: more classic, more distinguished, or more casual.


Jewelry to wear during the day

-Minimalist jewelry

Increasingly essential in our daily lives, jewelry has become part of our daily routine; we wake up, put on our jewelry, get dressed, and start the day. Every day we always wear minimalist, discreet jewelry, or at least it seems so, we must not look excessive, otherwise, what would we wear at night? Most women look every day and jewelry with meaning, some feel naked without earrings and have a variety of them for every day but always have in your jewelry box some more striking for other occasions and those for every day.

To accompany our look and give it a touch of distinction it is best to wear simple jewelry but with character. Brilliant stones such as zircons or diamonds and long earrings are allowed. We leave you with some ideas of jewelry to wear every day.


-Colorful jewelry

During the day, bright colors will be your best option because they will bring joy and naturalness to your outfit. Silver or silver-colored pieces, white gold, and rose gold are excellent to wear during the day, while asymmetrical or colorful accessories will help you to complement better those neutral-colored garments, such as white. 

Don't forget that the accessories you will wear during the day should be simpler than those you will wear at night.

-Small Jewelry

Even if the jewelry you wear during the day is not large or very flashy, it is advisable not to wear too much at the same time. To make things easier on yourself simply follow this rule: three accessories at a time are more than enough. For example:

-Ring (including an engagement ring), earrings, and necklace.

- Bracelet, choker, and earrings.

The combination is up to you!


Jewelry to wear at night

For the evening, the jewelry should be more striking and bright, so that it stands out in the dark and highlights the clothes that are usually darker or vibrant colors.

You can opt for evening jewelry like:

-Golden Jewelry

Golden will always be elegant and striking, synonymous with class, distinction, and opulence. That is why it is recommended for evening events, especially with formal dresses, where the black color predominates and the yellow gold stands out much more.

It is important to maintain in these cases a subtle line, combining pieces of jewelry of the same tone to achieve an elegant look.


-Jewelry with diamonds or sparkling zirconia

Jewelry with a lot of shine, especially earrings with diamonds or big gems are one of the most used accessories to combine with evening outfits. This is because their splendors stands out when in contact with artificial lighting and provide light, in addition to a much higher degree of distinction, elegance, and panache.


-Oversized jewelry

Accessories at night will usually be large, flashy, and bright with sober colors.


-Rule of three

Following the rule of no more than three accessories to avoid overloading your outfit is completely valid for the evening. The necklace and bracelet should be chosen to combine harmoniously, or long earrings always look good, but make sure that only one of the accessories (earrings or necklace) is eye-catching so that they do not steal each other's attention, but that one is the one that stands out.


Wildcard jewelry: to wear both day and night

There are jewels that do not fail at any time of the day. You need these basic accessories that you can wear both day and night.

-Jewelry in neutral colors

Opt for accessories in neutral colors such as metallic silver or gold, or with white or black diamond sparkles.


-Large hoop earrings

Large and thin rings never fail. Wear them during the day, as big as you feel comfortable, without feeling like they take too much attention from your look. At night wear them with attitude. If you are more daring and in line with the rest of your outfit, dare to wear earrings with an innovative design and simple lines.



Pearls are a classic without comparison.  With pearls, to avoid looking too formal, try to break your elegance with a twist of modernity and irreverence, for example, with a touch of movement.

Another way to wear versatile pearls is in layered necklaces, as they look just as modern and fabulous over a suit and silk blouse as they do over flannel. And they certainly make you look off the charts whether you're at work or on a night out in just about any category.


-Long necklaces

You can opt for long necklaces with a simple design, with your hair tied back; and with your hair down at night for a dramatic look.

No matter what type of event you are having, at Planderful you will get the perfect jewelry accessory to perfectly match and complement your look! Visit our website to learn more.

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