Choker: meaning and fashion trend

Choker: meaning and fashion trend

Today we will talk about a jewel that everyone knows and that is back in trend: the choker. The origin of this jewel comes from the word "choke" since it is a type of necklace that fits perfectly to the neck. It is a design that frames and enhances the prominence of the woman's neck. Chokers were very famous in the 90s and, nowadays, they have returned to be part of the looks, both for special events and for everyday wear.

Chokers have become an accessory that is never missing on the neck of young girls, and now also of elegant women. We must admit that chokers have a special charm: they illuminate the face, complement hairstyles, are part of the outfits, and bring a particular touch to the neckline. Stay and read this post and you will know what is the hidden history of this jewel, with which garments it can be combined, and why it is a trend. Keep reading!


Meaning of Chokers

The choker has evolved throughout history and has had very different connotations over time. What doesn't seem to change is that it has always been a symbol of empowerment and sensuality. A way of both pursuit and power.

This trend, despite seeing it almost relentlessly for years now, has an origin that goes back many years.


Origin of the Choker

The origin of the choker dates back to a few hundred years ago, in East Africa. It was worn by both men and women of the Massai tribe and each one of them had a meaning about the age or social status of the wearer. In Ancient Egypt, however, chokers were protective amulets and possessed special powers for life and death.


The popularity of the choker throughout history

Continuing with this historical journey we arrive at the 16th century where Anne Boleyn, who was one of the most influential queens of the United Kingdom, is portrayed wearing a pearl choker with the letter B on it. Years later, Anne would be condemned to the guillotine for adultery, witchcraft, and treason against the King.

Two centuries later, French women began to wear a choker. They were delicate red ribbons tied around the neck that were part of a tribute to the people who during the French Revolution had been condemned to death and had their heads cut off with a guillotine. This ribbon was a reminder of the fine line of blood resulting from the decapitation.

Later in the 19th century, prostitutes wore a black ribbon around their necks. This can be seen in the painting "Olympia" (1863) by Édouard Manet, which shows a woman engaged in prostitution.

Very soon after, between 1874 and 1880 this black ribbon became popular among modern women, artists, and dancers. Even the dancers painted by Edgar Degas in his paintings appear with a black choker. But as everything that goes up comes down, the choker gradually passed into history.

In 1944, Life magazine published an article about this choker, assuring that pet collars were no longer exclusive to pets, but that women could also wear them. Curious, isn't it?

Even the genius Walt Disney gave it his own connotation of youth, beauty, and royalty, being part of the outfit that the Fairy Godmother got for Cinderella in 1950. Do you remember?  In 1980 Diana of Wales managed to create a trend with sophisticated chokers, being perhaps the prelude to the subsequent boom of the 90s. From Diana of Wales to the politician Kamala Harris, the pearl necklace has gone from being a symbol of luxury, status, and social position to becoming a feminist flag.

And if there is an era where this accessory has caused a real furor has been in the 90s. It undoubtedly became the key piece of the grunge and rebellious look. And it is that these chokers imposed fashion and suddenly all teenagers wanted a choker like their favorite actresses or singers. Who does not remember Britney Spears with a choker?

In recent months the resurgence of the choker is already evident. Single, wide, double, with stones, smooth... We are facing a new renaissance of one of the most versatile accessories. A jewel, which beyond its aesthetic and flattering facets is still loaded with sophistication, sensuality, strength, and femininity.


How to wear a choker?

The choker can be worn in different ways, we tell you about it! The prominence of this piece of jewelry is going to be very high during the season. It is one of the trends that becomes a basic item of the female jewelry box. The ideal piece to enhance any outfit with a special detail. What are the style keys to make the choker the focal point?

First of all, choose a garment with a neckline that enhances the visibility of the necklace. For example, you can wear it with a V-neck blouse, a boat neckline, a strapless dress, or a classic shirt. The choker is the perfect accessory.

You can find wide and flashy designs. In this case, it is advisable to combine the design with small and discreet earrings. In this way, you enhance the balance as a whole. Some models, on the other hand, have the charm of simplicity. They are very discreet necklaces with which you can create a beautiful composition, by combining several thin necklaces. You can also complete the choker with other long pendants.


The magic and trend of the choker

The choker is a trend that connects with a reminiscence of the past. It is an inspiration universally known to all. And therein lies its charm. Even those who do not know the name of the necklace have seen the design in fashion magazines, movies, or even in paintings that are part of the history of art. It is a jewel with a long life.

During autumn and winter, the choker produces a pleasant surprise effect when it is hidden under a scarf or a long scarf. It is convenient to wear your hair in a ponytail to enhance the presence of a necklace that attracts attention on its own.

This piece of jewelry shows the importance of attention to detail. It is an ideal piece to reinterpret any style. For example, use a black choker to decorate a suit jacket and pants in the same tone. In this way, you create a monochrome ensemble with a lot of charm. A white blouse shows a different perspective when it is completed with a necklace tight around the neck.


The choker gives a new life to basic and timeless garments in the closet. And the choker will always be special. What other accessory is able to bring it all together?

This jewel is here to stay and in Planderful you can choose your favorite.

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