Chain Necklace: the art of the Layer Up

Chain Necklace: the art of the Layer Up

Layer Up is one of the most popular trends of the last two years. Today we present you the chain necklaces at Planderful, so you can create your ideal look following this trend. We could not stay out of this trend, and we know that they will become our MUST for the coming seasons.

The magic of chains is that they are timeless and enhance any look both winter and summer! And that's exactly what we wanted, to be able to wear them at any time and to be able to create sexy necklace combinations every day. Are you lazy today? Choose a big chain that already does all the work by itself. Did you wake up feeling creative? Go ahead and combine necklaces and make a layering that won't go unnoticed. The point is to look pretty and have fun in the process.

We are fans of layering, the more necklaces the better! Today we'll give you tips on how to combine chain necklaces. You will be able to choose from our wide catalog, remember that these chains are super versatile and make your look very luxurious.


What is jewelry layering?

Layering in the fashion world refers to wearing several pieces of clothing, accessories, or jewelry at the same time. In this way, "layers" are formed, which maintain order and sense to make a look more interesting, without breaking its harmony or without modifying the style you want to project with that outfit.

You can opt for ready-to-wear layering. That's right, you can find options for necklaces that already have more than one layer like the ones we have available. If not, you can make your own layering, and today we will give you some tips.

Don't miss the layering ideas we have prepared for you to know how to combine the new chains with our favorite Planderful necklaces!


The big gold necklace, perfect for the most daring ones

If you like to take risks but you don't like to wear a lot of chains, you can opt for large gold necklaces. They are the queen of chains, modern, and daring but also elegant. This option is perfect for this Christmas season, it will enhance both a look moved, as if you decide to go comfortable, but add a touch of glam with your jewelry.


Minimalist necklaces for the detail-oriented ones

If you love to wear jewelry always with you but you are of minimalist and fine jewelry, a layering of simple necklaces will be your perfect ally. A very original combination that will add a touch of brightness to your looks, without looking too overloaded. You will fall in love with this combination.


Keep the same color base

Silver, gold, or gold rose, it doesn't matter which one you choose, but make sure that all the pieces you will be layering have the same metallic tone as a base. This is the main and infallible tip to match all your jewelry. If you wear a watch, ideally it should be the same base tone as your jewelry.


Add a fun color element

Preferably, this subtle sparkle in your jewelry should be in the same tone that predominates in your outfit to give it more strength. This colorful touch can go in any of your necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, or bangles, or in each of them, according to your preference.

Three necklaces are the base. If you want to play it safe, three necklaces are a perfect rule to apply this trend. If you want to add a slight pop of color in each accessory section make sure they all have the same shades.


Try to keep the space between each piece

This applies to necklaces and earrings, as the neck and ears are areas where you can control the distance or space you want between each piece. This way, each piece will have the prominence it deserves.


Place your jewelry by size

Since it is almost impossible for each of your jewelry pieces to be the same size, we suggest you arrange them in ascending order, so that no accessory is overlapping and has a visually harmonious sense when it falls on your neck (where you can even start with a choker), hands or feet. Besides, the cool thing about layering is just to combine and create contrast between each one of them, with different designs.

Remember that long chains give more depth to your neckline and lengthen your neck. In the case of rings and earrings, it doesn't matter if you start or end with the largest or smallest piece, but try to make them follow the same ascending or descending sequence.

It has probably happened to you that you achieved a good layering look but all your necklaces are tangled. How do you avoid tangling the chains around your neck? To prevent this from happening, the weight of each necklace should always increase from the shortest to the longest. This way, the weight of the necklaces will prevent tangling.


Different materials

We love the possibility of wearing different types of materials at the same time, it can be silver, gold, rose gold, etc. Don't hesitate to add stones and shiny pieces to make your look more fun. A very nice option is to add pearls as they stand out for their color and add diversity.


Benefits of layering your jewelry

They say that wearing less jewelry sometimes makes you look younger, but if you choose the right pieces and coordinate them in the right way, jewelry layering will also make you look younger and more fun.

In addition, this fashion trend is ideal for indecisive people who have a hard time deciding on a single ring, bracelet, or necklace, as it will allow them to wear all the pieces they would love to wear with a particular look.

Another plus is that it adds an instant dose of style, as it makes people notice your jewelry more, and notice how you creatively combine them.


Have fun!

There is no maximum number of pieces for layering, it's up to you, although the basic and most classic minimum will always be 3 accessories per zone. So let your imagination run wild and experiment with your jewelry to elevate all your next looks.

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