Bracelet Designs in Demand!

Bracelet Designs in Demand!

High streets or Runways, Instagram or Pinterest, Celebrities or Commoners - bracelets have taken the jewelry fashion world by storm.


Bracelets are a common jewelry piece with elegance which is adored by every age group irrespective of gender. 


At times, it may be challenging for young women to select bracelets that appeal to them and deserve their praise and approval. 


Wrists are the thinnest part in our body that we can decorate and it’s our responsibility to accentuate the positive.


Do you know that wrists and hands are also called the ‘expressive zone’ of woman’s body?


Nonetheless, bracelets remain one of the timeless accessories for woman. It adds a perfect balance of class and glamour to ones look.


Let us consider some tips and tricks you should consider while pairing up a bracelet.


Be simple and classic

A classic look is a simple dress with a silver or a gold bracelet and a matching statement necklace or a crystal bracelet that turn the heads around wherever you go.

European Purple Color Crystal S925 Silver Bracelet for Women is all you need to jazz up that white office shirt. It’s unique and sleek design makes it a perfect work jewelry piece - something that’s trendy yet classy!


Mix and Match

If you want to be classic and elegant at the same time so you can experiment, wear a few bracelets with different colors, patterns, or widths.

Another gem from our collection- this European Luxury Multi Natural Garnet S925 Silver Bracelet for Women is bold and beautiful, perfect for a night event or just put it on with a casual denim attire for a chic casual look!

Consider your environment

Consider the environment whether you are wearing it to your work or office, avoid carrying big dangling bracelets that are noisy and disrupt your work. You would not want to distract. Try a classy and sober piece that speak for your personality.


Designer bracelets are unique and look different from the normal ones. Keeping this raging trend in mind, we decided to put together a beautiful and unique collection of bracelets - one for every occasion.

European and American Style Princess Temperament Natural Amethyst Silver Bracelet for Women are essential to your wardrobe because they are ideal for daily use, and are excellent for the festivals, or girls’ weekend trips. 

Less is more


Always make sure to stick with less and don’t overdo it. Beautifully stacking few bracelets is okay without overloading it. A too big bracelet can be problematic and annoying to you.

Find your fit

Finding the bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly is as important as finding a beautiful bracelet. It should be a comfortable fit to your wrists.

To conclude, bracelets were always a part of traditional jewelry and they are here to stay for a long time. Your jewelry collection is not truly complete unless you own a bracelet.


With a wide range of alluring, intricate, designer accessories at Planderful, check out some adorable jewelry designs for women.

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