Best Crystal Jewelry Picks from Planderful

Best Crystal Jewelry Picks from Planderful

Crystal jewelry pieces are defining the trajectory this festive season with bursts of color and glittering fine stones.


Crystals and gems are said to have the metaphysical properties which healers believe can aid in everything from balancing and grounding, to channeling and healing.


The style and setting of crystal jewelry is purely one of personal taste and probably the most popular.


From beautiful studs to enchanting pendants, women across the world are in love with crystal jewelry.


Most of us are familiar with crystals such as Zircon, Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald, Pink, and Quartz and their properties with which one can experience more abundance, protection, love, and balanced chakras wherever you go.


We have a list of some of the most beautiful crystal jewelry pieces that bring out your natural beauty while ensuring that you will find the one you love.


Natural Green Amethyst


Green amethyst crystal is widely known to strengthen peace and for bringing generosity, growth, health, happiness, harmony, stability, and fertility.

Luxury Fashion Natural Green Amethyst S925 Silver Ring for Women has a timeless look. It features a sparkling Amethyst crystal. 

This beautiful ring has green amethyst gemstones as charms increasing its beauty. 


Natural Topaz


Blue topaz calms down the restless mind, enhances creative expression, intuitive power, and spiritual growth.

Natural Topaz s925 Sterling Silver Bracelet for Women is versatile and works with pretty much any outfit.

Excellent sterling silver bracelet studded with fine quality of Natural Blue Topaz which is endearing but rare to find.


Aquamarine Stone


Aquamarine illuminates the hidden causes of your life situations while bringing deep relaxation and liquidity to your mind and body while heightening your awareness of truth at every level of existence.

Aquamarine Stone Square Necklace for Women makes an excellent gift for a special occasion.

Aquamarine stone pendant with sterling silver chain to wear everyday as your lucky arian birthstone.


Pink Opal 


Natural pink opal supports love and good karma. It is cherished as a great healing gemstone.

Pink Opal Studs are known for its pearly luster, metamorphic appearance, and aesthetically pleasing translucent to opaque surface.

These pink opal studs are an irresistible item for ladies who want to shine from head to toe.


Natural Yellow Crystal


Natural yellow crystal is a pre-eminent healing crystal that supports clear thinking, confidence, positivity, and goal setting.

Natural Yellow Crystal Tassels Silver Drop Earrings for Women with an ageless appeal is this classic piece for a truly timeless look. 

These yellow crystal tassels are sparkly and unique treasures from nature for the modern hippie look.


Luxurious Natural Garnet


Natural garnet has fiery energy that makes it a natural fit to enhance your success and wealth.

Luxurious Natural Garnet s925 Silver Inlaided Ring for Women is an epitome of luster and sparkling crystal.


The mesmerizing natural garnet gemstone shimmers elegantly in the center of this luxurious women's ring. 


Zircon Stone 


Clear zircon stone provides the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches.

Zircon Stone Square Necklace for Women can make you dazzle single-handedly giving you a royal and youthful look.


Inspired by the holidays, this clear crystal pendant reminds us of the festivities and happy times.


We at Planderful have all favorite picks of crystal jewelry designs perfect for this festive season that all sartorially driven people would love to purchase this season.

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