Become the best Secret Santa by giving this jewelry as a gift

Become the best Secret Santa by giving this jewelry as a gift

Christmas is coming, and with it, the get-togethers with friends and family. One of the most popular and fun traditions is the famous Secret Santa. Generally, we usually play it in the office to save costs, although it is also a good idea for Christmas Eve if you have a large family.

At Planderful we will help you find your gift for Secret Santa: incredible jewelry. On our website, you will find a selection of novelty jewelry, and other basics that never fail. Here are a few tips before choosing your Secret Santa jewelry.


Have you ever played Secret Santa?

Your answer is probably yes.  Secret Santa is a very common and ideal game to play at Christmas. But if you have never played or it has been a long time since you played, stay with us and we will tell you what it consists of.

How to play Secret Santa? This fun game that you can play with family, friends, or colleagues at work, school, high school, or university, consists of making gifts to a person without that person knowing who is giving the present.

The game has a few simple rules:

  • Select who will participate in the game.
  • Choose the date of the meeting to deliver the gifts.
  • Establish a maximum spending budget for the gift.
  • Create some slips of paper with the names and place them in a bag.
  • Time to draw a name and find out who you will have to give a gift to.
  • Do not reveal to who you are going to give the gift.
  • And now... choose the gift


Enjoy the moment a lot!

Let's see step by step how to organize it to make it a great success:


How to choose the perfect gift?

First of all, we have to be clear about who is going to participate, is it a family Secret Santa? will there be children in the game? or on the contrary, are we going to do it with a group of lifelong friends? or with co-workers?

Once we have a clear idea of who the participants will be, think about what that person would like. The options for an invisible friend gift are as wide as personalities and hobbies, but there is a classic option that never fails is to opt for a jewelry accessory. There is never a surplus of jewelry.

In Planderful we have a wide selection of gifts, details, and accessories to make your Secret Santa gift unforgettable. And so, we are going to show you here some options that you will love, and best of all, adjust to your budget.

Shall we start?


Jewelry for the most daring

We have a wide selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets ideal for your gift. If your Secret Santa has a unique, fun personality and is a risk-taker, you can opt for jewelry that is out of the norm. Try original designs that will surprise her.

If you want to keep up with the trends, 90s jewelry has become popular again. Accessories with chains or butterflies are key. Another popular trend is the adorable balloon dogs. In this line, we have many kawaii earrings that will bring a smile to more than one.


Minimalist jewelry

Basic jewelry is a safe bet. Minimalist jewelry is characterized by simplicity, timelessness, and versatility. These accessories are defined by clean silhouettes, controlled color accents, and fine lines that could also be used in everyday life.  They are small, delicate-looking, yet sturdy accessories. Thanks to their fine lines, these jewels always bring elegance to anyone who wears them. Gold, silver, and pearls are ideal.

Minimalist jewelry is not only the most suitable for everyday wear but is capable of reinventing itself to abandon the purest simplicity and embrace precious stones of various colors and sizes and more forceful profiles. The issue? How they are combined. Over the decades, these jewels have always done their job: they enhance your wardrobe. Whether for everyday looks or for more special moments, minimalist jewelry will fit in perfectly.

At Planderful we have a wide variety of jewelry, so you can wear your own personal style. If you think that a single piece of minimalist jewelry is not enough, keep in mind that wearing a lot of pieces of minimalist jewelry at the same time is trendy. They can be combined with other jewelry, of the same minimalist style or different, one of the "top" trends that have been repeated in recent years.

You can opt for small earrings, pendants with fine chains, delicate rings with a small stone, or bracelets with small details. And of course, pearls are a classic in jewelry.

Novelty jewelry

You can opt for geometric designs. They are minimalist jewelry but they are not the typical traditional design. The basic lines and shapes take over the jewelry with a minimalist spirit in search of the perfect proportion.

They are unique pieces that will conquer your invisible friend. These jewels are very creative and highlight your personality. The lucky one will achieve a magnetic look.


Nature lover

From plant or flower motifs to animal motifs, the variety is endless.  This may be a safe option, but if your Secret Santa is a nature lover, he or she will love that little something. Nature offers a myriad of harmonious shapes to create spectacular designs, which are full of freshness and elegance, with a bohemian touch added.

These jewels are unique and all convey different stories. The good thing is that each person will give them their own meaning.



Zodiac sign necklaces

This is the latest trend, and besides, it is a personalized gift with which you will show that you have thought of that person. Believe it or not, we all know our zodiac sign. The qualities of each zodiac sign can exert a great influence on our personality. Compatibility between signs is another one of those factors that a horoscope addict often consults.

Another thing we love about identifying with a zodiac sign is the symbolism. Therefore, wearing our horoscope around our neck is something like an identification card.


At Planderful we make jewelry for life, capable of creating new stories and signs of identity. To represent the elegance and creativity that is in each of us. If you do not know what to give for Secret Santa, I hope this guide has been helpful!

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