Band Ring Settings & Styles to Follow in 2023

Band Ring Settings & Styles to Follow in 2023

The tradition of wearing a band ring dates back to many centuries ago.

Getting engaged is the most momentous occasion in anyone’s life so much that the special occasion is marked with the gift of an elegant band ring.


Wedding band styles are endless, but some band ring designs are most popular. 


When you’re looking for a band ring, the shopping process is more stressful - but it doesn’t have to! 


Your choice of band ring setting is extremely important. It’s the first decision you would make in the process.


To help you figure out what you want, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the right engagement band style.


Engagement band styles can vary hugely in appearance and personality despite being made with the same metal.

Some styles may be light, simple and elegant, making them a great option if your fiancé likes simple, timeless beauty.


While others could be eye-catching and decorative, to add to the ring’s beauty.


Some of the bands are designed with durability in mind, making them a great choice for busy, active people or those who work with their hands. 


Let's look at some of the most popular engagement band settings and styles for 2023.


  1. The Classic Ring Style


The classic ring styles are versatile, timeless and work with a variety of different gemstones, shapes of stone, and metals.


  1. Baroque Engagement Ring Style


An authentic baroque ring will be gold-heavy, with uneven stones, and lots of ornate gothic-style detailing.


  1. Modern Cluster Ring Style


Some unique and unusual clusters are the best way of including lots of color or different gemstones into a ring.


  1. Minimal Engagement Ring Style


A minimal ring is a pretty thin band, a delicate setting, and small understated stones.

  1. Eternity Band Style

The Eternity band has the presence of diamonds or other precious stones that decorate the entire band of the ring.


  1. Bar Setting Style


Bar settings are similar to channel settings, compliment a center stone or stand alone for an impressive wedding band or stackable ring. 


  1. Pavé Setting Style


Pavé Setting is also known as pavé diamond bands with a bead setting that involves embedding tiny diamonds – or other gems – into the band of the ring.


Your ring setting and style is the foundation of your entire ring design. Make sure to consider how often the band will realistically be cleaned and maintained.


Now you know how to style an engagement band ring. Are you in search of either one of them? 


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