Art at Planderful

Art at Planderful

Art, as discussed in most blogs this week, is an incredibly important part of our life. It's not just a hobby, but an activity that drives us to explore new perspectives, rejuvenates the senses, and enriches our thoughts. With so many people going to art museums these days, it is hard to be surrounded by everyday objects with no originality or creativity. To narrow down on the ART, we will focus on Art as an investment today.

From ancient times, people have been fascinated by Art. However, not everyone can be a talented artist, and in a world where everyone wants to be an artist, it's hard to get that original artwork that is so special. Well, at Planderful, we found the solution!

Now you can purchase fine artwork at Planderful Jewelry Shop and be part of the growing trend of art collectors!

Art and Crafts Jewelry

Millions of people love Japanese culture, and Japanese jewelry has been very popular in modern society since ancient Japan. Many Japanese crafts have been around since time immemorial, which is why so many people are fond of them. One particular craft which almost everyone loves is origami. Origami is traditionally an art form in Japan where paper is folded into complex forms such as flowers or animals. Now people want to stay involved in these forms of Art, and we have combined the interests with fine jewelry to create a new style of Art.

Additionally, the Art of origami has been a very important part of traditional Japanese culture. This is why we have exclusively designed a collection of origami jewelry. These pieces are handmade using traditional origami techniques, and all the pieces have been certified by the International Origami Society. We are now offering these unique pieces as pendants and earrings so you can display your love of this art form.

Modernist jewelry

The chart above shows a brief comparison of the styles of modernist jewelry and Art. That is;

  1. Expressionism-The chart shows that expressionism is a very important part of Modern Art. The chart shows that its popularity in terms of percentage is (0.3%) and the number of artists who are identified as expressionist is (2.2%).
  2. Abstract Expressionism-The chart shows that abstraction is very popular in modernism; even though there are only two artists referred to as abstract painters, the percentage is (1.8%), and the number of artists is (5.6%).
  3. Fauvism-The chart shows that Fauvism isn't popular in the modern era. Its popularity is (0.2%), and its number of artists is (0.7%).
  4. Cubism- The chart shows that cubism is a very important part of modernism, which can be seen by the fact that it has a large number of artists identified as cubists (8) and has a high percentage of popularity (3.7%).
  5. Pop Art-The chart shows that Pop Art is considered a very important part of modernism, which is illustrated by the fact that it has the popularity of (1.8%) and artists who identified as pop artists.
  6. Surrealism-The chart shows that surrealism is also very important in modernist Art, which can be seen by the fact that it has a high number of artists (4) and a high percentage (3.7%).
  7. Dadaism- The chart shows that abstract Art is very important in modernism; a high number of artists identified as abstract painters (5) and its high percentage of popularity (1.8%).
  8. Post Modernism-The chart shows that there are artists who are called post-modernists (4), and it has a high percentage of popularity (2.9%) and is shown in the chart at (1.3%).

Therefore, it is clear that modernist jewelry is an important trend in the modern era, and it can be seen that all these styles inspire popular artists. We hope this will inspire you to purchase our jewelry and encourage you to collect these pieces, as they are now valued more than ever.

Art Jewelry since the 1900s

During the 1900s, the art scenes dramatically changed. When the 1900s started, most artists focused on realistically representing forms and objects. However, around 1910, galleries started to crop up all over Europe, containing original Art and prints from other artists. These galleries also displayed handmade items and crafts from different regions. The decade's second half was called "The Golden Age of Art" or "Art Nouveau." Gustav Klimt was one of these artists who created beautiful artwork in this period. The Art by Klimt also blended the styles of Impressionism and Symbolism. The art form which gained popularity in the latter half of the decade was Art Deco. Artists such as Picasso and Miró gave a new face to this style which was very dramatic and different from other art forms of the time.

The information above can be summarized using eras;


Art Jewelry

1900s to 1940s

The 1900s was when artists were still painting very realistic forms. There were few exhibitions of Art and no trend in the arts. However, art galleries started appearing all over Europe after some time. Artists such as Klimt started to use a new approach to Art by concentrating on nature and expressing something interesting about it.

1940s to 1950s

It started to be popular for artists to focus on the simple lines of objects rather than realistic forms. This can be linked to the art form Art Deco, which became a big hit throughout Europe and the USA during this time. During this time, female artists became more respected in Art.

1950s to 1960s

In the 1950s, the abstract art form was also in full bloom. Painters and sculptors did much of it, but designers and architects created many. At the beginning of this decade, "The School of Paris" was formed, a movement for artists to use their skills in designing patterns and surfaces to create beautiful textures. Later abstract Art became a popular form amongst the general public and those involved in the business world.

1970s to 1990s

During the 1970s, "Pop Art" gained popularity among all age groups and can be linked to some major trends, such as the first use of video games and computers during home computing. Artists such as Andy Warhol were known for bridging the gap between Art and music. While in the 1980s, several artists began experimenting with materials such as iron, lead, and cement to produce their artwork.


The 2000s to present

The 2000s marked the start of the "Art Nouveau" era. Many of these artists focused on retro styles while maintaining their unique personal styles that made them stand out from all other artists. Artist Yayoi Kusama also started her career during this decade while still combining her interests in Art Deco and Abstract art forms but not taking them too seriously.


Art at Planderful

Planderful has been since 2022, started with the idea to bring you and future generations quality art pieces. Quality at Planderful is not measured by the price but by the good feeling you get when wearing your jewelry, and you should feel that this piece of jewelry means something to you; it completes your look and tells a story about you.

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