All About Clip-On Earrings

All About Clip-On Earrings

When we talk about clip-on earrings, the first thing that comes to mind is the retro styles that used to be in our grandmother’s jewelry box. 


We all used to love trying on those fun and funky pieces that littered their vanities.


Clip-on earrings have been around since Victorian times. In those times it was considered unladylike to pierce ears.


Clip-on earrings are a great fashion accessory for those who don’t like to wear pierced earrings. 


Women today are seeking out non-piercing options as more and more people make the choice to not pursue piercing their ears.


If you are just getting into the clip-on game whether it’s a pair of clip-on pearl earrings for an elegant look or some everyday clip-on earrings, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a handy guide!


Clip On Earrings Types 


Want to know more about the different types of clip-on earrings? Here's few.


Screw-back Clip-ons


This is the original style of clip-on earrings. These were the first clip-ons of its kind and were created during the Victorian era and patented in the late 1800s.


You can adjust them yourself with little effort and all you need to do is open the hinge of the earring back and fasten it to your ear.


Ear Cuff Clip-ons


Ear cuffs or ear clips have become very popular due to their unisex appeal. They have become a huge trend in recent years as they are a way to get the look of multiple piercings. 


Ear cuffs can easily adjust the fit for your ear by pinching the ends together. They come in a multitude of styles and looks and are easily adjustable. 

Golden Galaxy Ear Clip - Golden Ear Clip are always a great choice for everyday use as they can go with just about anything. 

Hoop Clip-ons


Hoops are among the trendiest earring styles. Clip on hoops have been around for a while, being made of thick metal bands that hug your earlobe tightly.


Hoops have many upgrades in terms of design and versatility over the years. They are perfect earrings for daily use and casual outfits. 

Golden Classic Ear Clips - Golden Ear Clips for Women would be ideal for dinner with friends or a date night. 

Invisible Clip-Ons


Invisible clip-ons are one of the newer styles and the perfect solution for days when you want to wear your favorite earrings, but can’t because of a piercing.


The best part about invisible clip-ons is that they’re virtually undetectable, and can be easily pulled to be adjusted for your comfort. 


Dangler Clip-Ons


Dangler clip-on earrings have a transparent plastic piece that wraps around the earlobe. Could be worn easily by people who do not have real piercings.


Dangler clip-ons are best suited for formal and semi-formal events, while larger ones can be good accompaniments for ceremonies and festive occasions.

Golden Molecule Structure Shape Enamel with Zircon Ear Bone Clips for Women are a staple of our clip-on earrings collection that can match any smart-casual outfit or evening dress any day or night of the week.

Whether you are not quite ready for a commitment of piercings, got sensitive ears, or just looking forward to experimenting with style, Planderful has plenty of clip-on choices to choose from.

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