8 mistakes a man always makes when giving a jewelry gift

8 mistakes a man always makes when giving a jewelry gift

Marilyn Monroe made it clear in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1955) what a man should give as a gift when it comes to jewelry. The art of giving is not so mysterious: you just need to know the person you are giving and the rest should take care of itself. And we say "should" because it is not always so. There are gifts that are more complicated and that are a real headache. They are those gifts that are very personal, almost intimate and that, by the fault and grace of popular culture, are loaded with prejudices.

Jewelry is the clearest example of this and, therefore, we dedicate this brief guide to the common mistakes that a man makes when giving them, and how to solve them successfully. Avoid last minute failed purchases and sad mistakes. Because if you know the person you are giving, Planderful can be the key.


  1. Being afraid of jewelry

Let's start at the beginning: the world of jewelry doesn't have to scare you. Even if you think you are sailing in uncharted waters, jewelry is an instant souvenir that you generate for life. Forget about institutionalism and protocol, giving a jewelry gift does not always have to appeal to the greatest of commitments, but to the affection you feel for that person.

A white Shell Pendant Necklace is a great gateway. A minimalist piece with a romantic charm is a versatile, yet elegant piece of jewelry that will make her feel special.




  1. Always thinking "more is more"

Big mistake. Perhaps because we still drink from those words sung by Marilyn that reminded us that diamonds are a woman's best friend. Precisely, one of the maxims of fashion is that "less is more" and, sometimes, a simple, small piece is the key to finding the perfect gift.

This minimal Half Eternity Moissanite(0.33ct) Round Cut ring exemplifies this. With its encrusted small crystals, it proves that simplicity can be the key to success.




  1. Give classics to a modern woman and vice versa

Often, we tend to think in a very straightforward way. Like when we imagine earrings and our mind goes straight to pearls. And yet, there are endless possibilities.

Set your mind, for example, on those things that you like or are inspired by, such as your favorite vacation destination. Take inspiration from nature and give her earrings inspired by the deep blue of a magical night you want to experience together, like the Blue Zircon Stone Square Earrings. This jewelry could be a real statement of intent. It will show her how much you know her and listen to her.




  1. Only give jewelry as a gift for a proposal or on birthdays

Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday, the joy of that promotion, or the moment when you decided to move in together can also be framed with the perfect jewelry. These are moments worth remembering just like any other and perhaps, in the case of those small triumphs in life, they are much more special to you than what is known as true special occasions.

A pendant of your zodiac sign or a pendant that symbolizes your union, such as the Moissanite Stone Love Key Spirituel, could be the finishing touch to that occasion.





  1. Thinking that jewelry is only for "serious people"

Absolutely not. Jewelry can be fun and simply be a nod to how much you know that person. You can opt for more fun jewelry that reminds you of the things she likes. You can opt for Puppy Balloon Studs or Golden Mermaid Tail Drop Earrings, two very original choices. It will be a very significant detail about how much you want to surprise her.





  1. Only give a once in a lifetime gift of jewelry

Think about what the gift symbolizes and not so much the gift itself. An engagement is a milestone date, but it is also a sign that you are committed to that person for life. So why give a one-time gift? Jewelry that demands continuity can be the perfect symbol of the durability of your relationship.

You can start with a nice bracelet, like the Simplify Classy Bracelet. Then you can follow up with the Moissanite (0.5ct) Stone Ring. Finish impressing her with the Pink Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Earrings, and I assure you that she will never forget you.







  1. Make it obvious that you didn't think about her or that you didn't know what to get her

Nothing worse when it comes to gift giving than going generic when a gift is something special and not something necessary. Showing that you have taken care of the previous selection and that you have been interested in details of her personality is, as a rule, part of the gift.

Give a bracelet like Green Zircon Stone Solitaire Bracelet, and show that you have taken care to choose the right piece.



  1. Believing that a piece of jewelry is just an object

A piece of jewelry is always more than a piece of jewelry, as you may have already noticed. It is a detail and a symbol, it is a token of love and intimacy. It's about letting that person know that she or he is really special to you. And, if you really know her, nothing better than Planderful to show it.


If she is a complex and special woman, nothing better than a complex and special piece of jewelry: the Green Zircon Stone Solitaire Drop Bowknot Rectangle Necklace by Planderful is a fantastic choice. The result will be unique, as she is for you.




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