8 Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

8 Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

There are many types of jewelry made of different materials, what many do not know is that there are many benefits of wearing silver jewelry. Jewelry made of this material can bring improvements in physical and spiritual health.

Today on Planderful, you will discover the 8 health benefits of wearing silver jewelry. We hope these tips will help you in your daily life and that you will enjoy learning about these characteristics of silver that very few people know.



What characterizes silver over other metals?

Silver is a very shiny, resistant, and ductile metal that is characterized by its great malleability, which makes it perfect for making jewelry. Thanks to its characteristics, those who know the benefits of wearing silver jewelry treasure this jewelry over those made with other materials.

This mineral, in its pure state, is soft and whiter in color than what we are used to. Once the piece of metal is polished, the final result can reflect 95% of the light to which it is exposed.

In general terms, it is a material that is scarce due to the way it is extracted if it is not extracted in a sustainable and respectful way to nature. This is the process of extraction of organic silver.


  1. Antibiotic effects

Silver has been used as an antibacterial material for thousands of years. It was used to collect water and as a container to store food for better preservation, hence the cutlery used in ancient times was all made of silver, to prevent disease.

Silver is a good sterilizing metal. It is curious to see how many tools used in the medical field are made of sterling silver. The reason for this is that it is extremely effective for sterilization and keeps germs well away. By wearing silver jewelry or a silver ring, we can prevent these bacteria from spreading freely on our bodies.

Some people recommend using sterling silver jewelry to help cure and get rid of some infections. It is also relatively good at fighting possible skin problems. By reducing the accumulation of dangerous germs on our epidermis, they prevent the spread of these infections.

Wearing silver jewelry helps our body to fight against bacteria. So now you have another good reason to buy that silver jewelry you are longing for.


  1. Reduce arthritis

Scientists have found that wearing silver reduces the pain caused by arthritis, they recommend wearing silver rings if you feel pain in the joints of your fingers. In addition, it helps to combat hyperextension of the hands.


  1. Helps with blood circulation throughout the body

The veins and arteries remain elastic, helping bone formation and skin regeneration, therefore, it is highly recommended if you have problems with your circulation, you wear a bracelet or a silver bracelet. In this way, we would have a younger circulatory system.



  1. Mitigate the effects of radiation

Have you ever felt tired when in contact with a lot of electronic devices? Well, that is due to the electromagnetic fields they generate, their waves can cause intense headaches, as well as other ailments.

Silver due to its positive charge protects you from these waves, therefore, using silver is highly recommended for people who work online or with many electronic devices.

The truth is that silver can detect different toxic substances and it will show us the high toxicity by changing its color. It is believed that silver can detect high levels of sodium in our bodies. It seems that if the ring turns blue, it is absorbing the excess sodium that runs through our body. Avoid eating too many salty foods and lead a healthy life, and wear a silver ring at all times.


  1. Stabilizes your body temperature

Silver helps to maintain a stable temperature in the body which helps to prevent diseases. It is very healthy to wear it when it is cold or when we do sports because it will regulate our body temperature and we will not be affected by sudden changes in temperature.

From the moment a jewel made of this metal comes into contact with our skin, there is an exchange of heat with the outside. According to some people, the contact of this metal with your body can make your mood improve.

These strange heat regulation effects are because silver acts as a kind of electrical balancer, avoiding static charges on our skin. This is something that has not been proven by science at present, but it is a curious fact that you should know.


  1. Reduces insomnia

This is perhaps the benefit that we all know. It has always been said in popular culture that if you have trouble sleeping put a silver object under the pillow.

The silver manages to calm people and make them have a deeper sleep, this allows them to rest better and be more active the next day. You know, grandma's remedy always works.


  1. Reduces tension

Silver has the property of reducing blood pressure levels, so it is very good for hypertensive people because it helps to reduce these high levels.

So if you are a hypertensive person or you know someone like that you have to give them a silver jewel for their birthday, and if it is from Planderful, all the better.


  1. Helps against anxiety

Perhaps this is the most important property of silver. Wearing silver jewelry is a very positive thing for people with anxiety, as it helps them to calm down. Touching your necklace or spinning your ring (spinning rings are recommended by all doctors to help people with anxiety), gets the person who is suffering from anxiety to calm down and control themselves.



And here are the 8 benefits of wearing silver jewelry. Tell us, did you know them all? Which one surprised you the most? Do you know any other benefits of silver? We'll read you in the comments.

Now that you know about the benefits of silver jewelry, visit Planderful's website to discover the silver jewelry we have for you.

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