2022 Jewellery Trends for Winters

2022 Jewellery Trends for Winters

When you think of refreshing your winter wardrobe, jewelry probably doesn't stand at priority on your to-buy list. 


You may begin with the practical essentials—the puffy jackets, the big snow boots, the ultra-cozy sweaters and more.


And while a statement charm jewelry piece might not protect you from a blistering cold, it sure to set your heart aflame and feed your soul. 


With Winter right around the corner, it’s time to style up your wardrobe and jewelry collection.


Whether you like to stay on top of what's trending in the world of jewelry or not, we recommend keeping an eye on trends, while also being sure to pay close attention to your own unique sense of style.


Getting new ideas and inspiration is always handy when it comes to your winter wardrobes.


We've curated this year’s winter best dressed list to bring you our winter jewelry predictions for 2022.


The Love of Bold Earrings


Bold earrings are a major trend for 2022, these are the most universally flattering ways to accessorize features on practically every winter and spring 2022 runway.


Start making bold earring choices and flaunt the rules, all of the pieces will add a flirtatious swing to your look.


Bright and loud Red Stone Drop Earrings - Golden Drop Earrings for Women

are guaranteed to trend again this winter.

The Mixed Metals


So are you team Gold or Silver? Great news. In 2022, you can have both. Try pairing your favorite metals together and see how it looks. 


Mixing metals is a fun way to add some color variations and interest to your wardrobe collection.


Our Golden Mixed and Match Necklace with Freshwater Pearls- Golden Freshwater Pearl Necklace( Gold-Plated Copper) combines freshwater pearls with a delicate and sparkly sterling gold chain.

Beaded Jewelry Is Back


Beaded Jewellery has come to light since the early 1990s and is back on trend. If you're looking to go by the latest trend with a little more sophistication, this trend is your friend.


It can be made of pearls, gemstones or glass beads, you can also mix, match and stack them, if you want to do some experimenting and see what works for you.


Can we suggest our Silver Cube Necklace that will also fit in with a variety of other trends listed.

The Timeless Pearl Jewelry


Are pearls ever out of trend? The short answer is: no. The beautiful pearls are still the star of the show with their ultimate sign of elegance and taste.


Pearls are forever a perfect addition to your wardrobe jewelry collection, each season they capture our attention on the catwalk. 


Make the elegant look with a sophisticated aura with our Wind Chimes Enamel with Pearl Necklace for Women.

Embrace Layering Jewelry


Curating the perfect stack has become a personal statement among the fashion crowd, this stacking and layering will create a glamorous flapper-inspired look.

With numerous bold and playful jewelry trends in 2022, it's all about embracing maximalism. So if you are going to wear a chunky necklace, layer it with something totally different.


Opt to wear our Irregular Triple Layered Earrings that will be especially popular for the season ahead.

Do view our products at Planderful and find your new favorite jewelry designs today.

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