Tips to Prevent Your Favorite Jewelry from Tarnishing

Tips to Prevent Your Favorite Jewelry from Tarnishing

Tarnishing is a natural process that occurs when the metal reacts with sulfur or oxygen due to which the object begins to look dull and lifeless.


How quickly the pieces tarnish depends on a number of factors - your skin, the way you care for them, the air around and the material used to make them.


Metals are very receptive to sulfur, and this reaction results in the dreaded Tarnish. 


Knowing how to protect objects from the elements will make all the difference in terms of tarnish removal and how to clean and maintain the jewelry for the future.


Read on and we'll try to help you keep your jewelry sparkling and safe no matter what!


Restricting Chemical Contact


One of the major reasons jewels get tarnished is because of the contact with chemicals.


The various chemicals present in the things we use in daily life react to the metal alloys and tarnishes the pieces as they contain sulfur in them.


Beautiful Row Necklace with Tiny Freshwater Pearls (Gold-Plated Copper) will not tarnish easily and is made using premium quality material.

Storage Precautions


The simplest things such as the moisture in the air can wear down your jewelry pieces, so it's important to store them properly.


Always store the jewelry in closed containers which will help to reduce the amount of moisture and oxygen that makes contact with it.


This stunning piece (Four Colors) 3.0CT Moissanite Round Cut Cathedral Six Prongs Ring for Women will not wear down and tarnish easily.

Keep them Dry


The easiest way to tarnish your jewels is by contact with moisture and liquids. 


This includes lotions, washing hands, spritzing your hands with perfume or sweating with your jewels on. 


This amazing Wheat Enamel Silver Earrings for Women are quite resistant to tarnishing.

Clean Your Jewelry


Make sure to clean your jewelry periodically with a variety of solutions, foams, and pastes whatever available.


Dip your jewelry in a bowl filled with the solution, scrub with a small brush and be sure to dry it very well with paper towels.


Made with premium material this Yellow Crystal (Rose Gold Colour) Bracelet for Women will not get damaged from tarnish, oxidation or fading easily.

Try Anti-Tarnish Bags 


Anti-tarnish bags are a better option that helps to keep the metals from tarnishing when they pass with each other.


These anti-tarnish bags are more robust than the zippered plastic bags and long-lasting too.


The Golden Galaxy Studs - Golden Studs for Women by Planderful will not react with chemicals if cared properly.

Apply Clear Nail Polish


Your favorite pieces may be adorned using clear nail polish, such as bracelets, necklaces, and broaches.


Apply the nail polish on a regular basis; it may flake off, it acts as a barrier between the skin, jewelry, and the environment and prevent them from oxidizing.


The charming (0.5CT) Moissanite Stone Hexagram Spiritual Necklace for Women piece by Planderful will not oxidize easily as it is crafted using the best quality material keeping in mind the durability.

Quick tip: Choose pieces plated with karat gold, rhodium, vermeil, gold-filled and higher end fashion jewelry that may help extend its life.

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