Tips For Cleaning Pearls

Tips For Cleaning Pearls

Pearls and their original holographic shine are one of the most beautiful images in the jewelry world. That shining white that amazes anyone who sets his eyes on them can hardly be found in other materials. In Planderful we will explain to you how to clean pearls, these enigmatic and beautiful elements of nature. Follow these tricks to keep your pearls spotless, and with it, their overwhelming magic.


Why should I clean my jewelry?

The inherent nature of jewelry means that it is usually worn in close contact with the skin for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. This means that it can accumulate a significant amount of dirt as time goes on, which is not always visible.

In addition to looking dirty and detracting from the beauty that attracted you to the jewelry in the first place, it can also be quite harmful as it can attract bacteria and germs that can be bad for both you and the jewelry.

While cleaning and polishing jewelry keep it free of unwanted bacteria or dirt, it also restores it to its former glory and keeps your favorite pieces looking their best. When you wear something every day, it's very easy to get used to it and forget how it originally looked.

Without regular cleaning, the stones can lose their luster, the silver oxidizes, and the overall design can end up looking pretty dull. This means that if you wear your pearls frequently, it is beneficial to have a regular cleaning routine.

On the other hand, keep in mind that pearls are made up of multiple layers of mother-of-pearl that are layered on top of each other. In such a way that, if they are not taken care of, fissures and cracks can appear in the nacre, spoiling the pearl.

"Learn well how to clean pearls and you will have pearls for a lifetime". This sentence is true if you take good care of your pearls, there are even jewels that have been passed from generation to generation. However, for this to happen, it is important to know how to clean pearls and how to take care of them, because if they lose their natural luster it is impossible to recover them.


How to clean your pearls

Steps to follow

Part of the mysticism of pearls comes from their origin: water. A simple method to clean them is, therefore, to approach them very slightly to their natural environment and, using a humid cloth, to eliminate carefully the dirt.


Step 1

To clean pearls and prevent them from turning yellow, you will need two ingredients:


Soap powder

Microfiber cloth



Step 2

In a small pot bring water to a boil, add some soap powder, and stir until it becomes a little foamy.

It is important to know that real pearls and not fantasy pearls can go through tonality changes and could even become opaque. However, it is key to keep them in a soft cloth or cotton bag to prevent other jewelry from rubbing and damaging the natural pigment. Carefully clean each pearl of the jewel, one by one, in order to remove excess dirt, makeup, or perfume.


Step 3

Unlike other jewelry, the care of pearls requires some attention and more when exposed to temperature changes and even to products such as soap. So, to control how long you expose the pearls to water, hold them with a hemp thread and let them soak for a few minutes, remove them to rub with a cloth, and return them to the water.

This tip to clean pearls so they do not look yellow works very well because the heat softens the dirt but does not mistreat the pearl if it is soaked for a couple of minutes or even seconds.


Step 4

After soaking the pearls several times you can wipe them with a soft cloth to remove the excess soapy water and let them dry naturally. A great tip to keep the pearls in good condition is to place wet cotton inside the bags where you keep the pearls, as this will prevent the pearl coating from drying out and cracking.

If it is possible, keep the pearls in a box with a soft base and preferably keep the box closed, this way you will avoid the humidity adhering to the dust and which will damage the pearls.


Important: When cleaning your Planderful pearls, we should avoid submerging the jewel in water and using brushes. These methods could damage them, as well as keep them with other jewels after cleaning (because the friction with other metals can generate friction in the pearls).


Care for pearl necklaces

Our precious pearl jewelry does not require only a punctual cleaning. For something so beautiful to keep the magic of the first moment, it must be treated daily with special care and pampering. A pearl necklace like the ones you can find in Planderful, will not show the passage of time becoming that wonderful jewel in the back of the jewelry box to which you can always resort.

Therefore, the delicate cleaning mentioned above is not enough. It is also advisable to follow a series of recommendations such as the following:

-We should never take a shower with the pearls on, no matter how small they may be.

-Soap or shampoo damage directly the pearls.

-Of course the chlorine in the swimming pools also we must avoid it.

-Avoid perfuming the area where we will wear the pearl jewelry. In case of doing it, it is advisable to clean the pearls and to keep them separated from other jewels.


Products to clean pearls

In addition to all the above mentioned, it is convenient to take something into account: we should never apply commercial cleaning liquids for jewelry in pearls. Its high quantity of ammonia can damage them. Also, we must avoid the application of alcohol on the same ones, due to its abrasive capacity.

A humid cotton cloth, as it has been previously recommended, due to its softness, is the most advisable thing at the time of cleaning the pearls. Brushes or sponges will almost certainly damage them.

In short, at the time of giving our pearl jewelry the care they need, independently of the type they are (pendants or rings, for example) the most advisable thing will be to avoid that they enter in contact with products like soaps, alcohol, or chlorine and that we give them daily care and clean them frequently.

Our precious and shiny jewelry requires this delicate care. It is convenient to do everything possible so that it always maintains the magic of the first day, and that we dedicate all the effort and effort possible to its care.


In Planderful the quality of our jewelry is a primordial element. And what are your favorites? Discover the rest of the jewelry on our website.


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