How to Safely Store Your Pendant Sets

How to Safely Store Your Pendant Sets

A woman is never completely happy with her collection. It is due to the fact that they never pass up the chance to expand their collection.


So overwhelmingly organizing their jewelry collection is a top priority. And many of you must be looking for ways to store your jewelry in your closet. 


Or maybe you’re a chronic necklace tangler or someone who always seems to lose your pendant just can't recall where you kept it, it might be time to rethink your jewelry storage. 


But don't worry there's a solution for everything, and whether you adore lengthy necklaces, dangly pendants, or any other precious pieces, there’s a way you can keep your collection sorted and tidy.


Sometimes getting ready to go out involves a lot of digging, and untangling various chains and earrings. That will take an extra 15 minutes just so you can find the right piece to wear.


Before you begin organizing jewelry, analyze your collection for damaged pieces or the ones you no longer use. 


You need to make a choice whether you want to repair, donate, or toss those unused or damaged pieces.


Now let's follow some ideas for storing and organizing jewelry pieces that we want to keep safely and effectively.


  1. A Jewelry Drawer


The simplest and most common way of storing those jewelry pieces is in the drawers. They are perhaps the most manageable and widely used for jewelry storage.


Designate a jewelry drawer that isn't being utilized and keep it only for your jewelry. 

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  1. Store Necklaces on Hooks


Keep your favorite pendant sets look polished as new by hanging them individually on a hook. It saves from the snarled messes of pearls and pendants. 


A simple solution can be to attach decorative hooks directly on the wall somewhere in your dressing area to make a beautiful display.


  1. Organize In Compartments


You can always make use of clear plastic or acrylic trays, or a painter's palette can be a fun foundation too.  


Compartmentalized trays and platters can also do the job keeping in mind the delicate nature of the pendant sets.

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  1. Armoire Doors or Walls


Pendant necklace sets can be stored in a traditional way behind armoire or wardrobe doors.


To prevent tangles and damage, the doors must have hooks or small compartments. You can install a wooden rack close to the vanity or your bedroom wall or within the door of your closet.


  1. Dressing Tables


If you like to keep your pendant sets handy and have a vanity or dressing space, go with storing your pendant sets on the countertop. 


The most aesthetic method of storing pendant sets is on a jewelry stand or holder. As per the current trend you can purchase a tree-shaped holder that appears to be a showpiece.

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Now that you have got enough ideas on how to store your classy pendant sets, don't hesitate to take a look at some fashionable and elegant pendant for women that Planderful offers. You will surely find a trendy statement piece to add to your collection.

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