Tree of Life Jewelry, a gift with a lot of meaning

Tree of Life Jewelry, a gift with a lot of meaning

There are jewels that are more than just an ornament. This is the case with the tree of life pendant, a precious object inspired by the value of Nature. We can see it in various jewelry, whether in necklaces, earrings, or any other accessory. After all, it is an amulet for many people who wear it. Therefore, in Planderful we want to explain what is the meaning of the Tree of Life and why it is a very meaningful gift.


What is the Tree of Life?

The tree of life is one of the most popular symbols, but the truth is that it has quite a few meanings.

If you haven't seen a tree of life yet, it's a pretty easy symbol to recognize: it's a tree with very forked branches that are usually associated with mythologies around the world. You may also see it depicted as a tree with a thick canopy and very large roots. Both are related to a symbol that represents the essence of our existence, birth, and life in general.


What does the tree of life pendant symbolize?

The tree of life jewelry symbolizes all the positive energy that emanates from the earth. At the same time, it represents all the good that the tree generates: nourishment through its fruits, shelter through its protection, and beneficial energy by being the embodiment of knowledge. Likewise, the jewels of the tree of life symbolize the union between the earth where it sinks its roots, and the sky where its branches are directed.

The tree of life is not only a symbol of birth but also of rebirth. Its branches embody the different paths we can take in our lives and the choice of the best one when we find ourselves in moments of anxiety or doubt. As a talisman of positivity, it helps us to put our ideas in order and to keep negative energies away from us in order to receive only the beneficial influence of those around us.

In summary, these are the meanings of the tree of life:

Birth: In this case, we will see birth represented in the roots of the tree.

Life: On the other hand, the trunk represents life, which grows little by little until it meets the branches.

Personal development: The branches are the part that represents all the situations that we will encounter throughout life, and therefore symbolize decision-making. For this reason, it is usually considered a symbol that refers to the progress and growth of each person.

However, the tree of life has more than one meaning. It is a symbol that appears in different religions and mythologies under different forms, but always respecting the shape of its crown.


The spiritual significance of the tree of life

Since ancient times, humans have invested the nature around them with a strong spiritual value. The tree of life as a symbol has been part of many religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Celtic, ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks, and has also been treated as a purely spiritual symbol of personal growth.

The tree of life is an archetype that is repeated in infinite variations, as a vital symbol, regenerator, and bearer of hope and strength. It depends on the shape of the tree itself, with the roots that sink into the ground and symbolize the attachment to the earth, to the origins. The trunk that rises towards the sky, extending branches and leaves, acts in a certain sense as a bridge between the world of men and that of the gods, but also the border between Good and Evil, Life and Death.

In the Christian religion, the tree of life is considered to be the same tree that God planted in the lost paradise. That tree that gave an apple as fruit and in which the serpent convinced Eve. This reference to the tree of life appears in the Bible, as well as in Genesis where it is indicated that it had magical properties since it could offer immortality.

In the Christian conception, the tree of life has often been equated with the cross of Christ. The reason for this simile is that the tree gives life to humanity, just as the cross did. This tree is described as a great, majestic tree that reached higher than the cypresses themselves and was not comparable to any other tree in the garden of God. It is described as a tree with many branches and with a height that could almost reach the clouds.


To whom to give a tree of life jewel?

A tree of life jewel is a perfect gift for someone who has just been born, as a symbol of wishing them a happy life. It is also for a child, as a talisman for good luck and positive energies.

Giving a tree of life jewel as a gift is a way to wish good luck to someone we love, for the beginning of something new: a new job, a new home, but also marriage. The tree of life is a symbol of good wishes for those who are getting married so that their life together will be full of positive energies.

The tree of life symbolizes on the one hand the stability of affection, family, true friendship, and our roots. In short, it represents the ability to grow and "bear fruit", to develop our potential, and our talents, accept change, and improve more and more.

In the particular case of the tree of life necklaces, if you wish to wear one, this jewel should be worn with a chain long enough to be close to the heart. Healers attribute to it positive energies and protection against the negativity of the world we live in. It is also considered to have rejuvenating properties and is a magnet for attracting positivity.


If you are thinking of a special gift, any jewelry with the symbolism of the tree of life will be great, both for its meaning and its beauty. You can visit the Planderful’s store and discover all our tree of life jewelry.



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