Benefits of Wearing a Zircon Stone

Benefits of Wearing a Zircon Stone

Zircon gemstone is a semi-precious stone which brings good luck, popularity, happiness, success, fame and prosperity. 


Zircon was named by Persians which means Gold stone. It bestows spiritual growth in the soul of the being.


Benefits of Zircon are several and it is used widely for its properties and irrespective of horoscope.


There's also some mythological value related to Zircon as well as medical value.


It is believed that the wearer of this beautiful Zircon stone is blessed with beauty, energy, virtue, ambition, and determination. 


Astrological Benefits of Zircon


Astrologically, it represents the planet of Luxury and Beauty - Venus is a good stone for getting financial luck and wealth.


Zircon is the birth gemstone for the people, born in the month of December. It clears aura and brings peace and purity to the heart of the wearer.


In astrology Zircon is used to protect our body and mind from fearful thoughts and evil/negative energy emitted by celestial bodies in our solar system.


Improve Your Relations with Zircon 


While Zircon has many astrological benefits that help us in building and making our lives blissful, it also puts an end to the worries or dilemmas in our relationships.


Zircon Stone is not only beneficial for the married couple but also brings in happiness, harmony and love in an interpersonal relationship.


Planet Venus is the ruler of love, care, understanding, peace, and loyalty, that are much needed to build a healthy relationship.

Medical Benefits of Zircon


Zircon is found helpful in managing Diabetes and ailments of the reproductive system.


This stone helps in curing problems like upper respiratory tract problems, bronchial infections, asthma, cold and cough.


Zircon balances the chakras and boosts the immune system granting good health. It also has a direct impact on increasing one's appetite.


Mystical Power of Zircon


Zircon has the capacity to improve focus and gives its wearer a great feeling of confidence and strength.


It eliminates negativity from inside, the feeling of deception and helps the person to uncover lies and look for the facts for a better life.


It works very well on the sacral chakra and root chakra to provide the wearer with wisdom, honor and wealth.


Zircon gemstones hold an important place in astrology while, on the other hand, many people wear them as a fashion accessory.


Besides these Zircon gemstones are hugely used by jewelry designers. For the beauty and luster of this beautiful stone many jewelleries are created keeping Zircon in mind. It has a wide usage in necklace designing.


Feel blue and beautiful in Planderfuls' Blue Zircon(13.1CT) Stone Solitaire Drop Necklace for Women.


This minimal Planderful necklace is studded with blue zircon and is perfect for any occasion. 

Brand - Planderful

Collection Name - Gala Fireworks

Product Type - Necklace 

Main Material - Sterling Silver

Major Gem Type - Zircon (13.1 CT total)

Weight - Approx. 7.6 Gram/each 

Diameter - TBA


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