2023 Gift Ideas To Make It Meaningful

2023 Gift Ideas To Make It Meaningful

Are you looking for the perfect new year gift for a loved one in your life? Here are a few jewelry gift ideas your friends and family will love.


Let me take you through a little imagination: Imagine your loved one unwrapping their new year gift and their eyes lighting up like the moon on a dark winter night.


A well-made jewelry from a loved one can be a perfect gift to wear every day, with emotional ties to the person from whom it came.


The perfect piece can pick us up when we’re down or can work as though we carry our loved ones with us.


This year "2023" we recommend making it meaningful; choose the best gift that has a lot of thought behind it.


Whether you're shopping for your partner, mother, wife, or a stylish friend, we present to you the simplest and easiest gift ideas that can ensure the biggest awe factor is always something sparkly. 


  1. A Long Necklace


Long necklaces are a staple in anyone's wardrobes. They can be easily layered with other pieces and can be incredibly classy when dainty and small, or luxurious when bold and intricate. 


They tend to add the perfect amount of class to any plain outfit, elongate the neck and can make you look polished, yet relaxed.


  1. Everyday Earrings


Coming in at the top of our jewelry gift ideas is everyday earrings. If someone in your life is lacking basic, classic earrings, they will definitely get some use out of them.


It's best to stick to classic studs, crystal, or pearl studs, or simple teardrop earrings. Earrings are incredibly trendy at the moment, and some very classy designs are on the market right now.

Head on over to our store and make your loved one happy with Natural Cyan Crystal Oval Shape with Butterfly Silver Studs for Women.

  1. A Piece of History

If you have a loved one who loves to connect with history and symbolism, there is not a gift more unique than Golden Pearl Block Style Hoops - Golden Hoops for Women. 


There are so many heartfelt jewelry gift ideas and this one is the perfect thoughtful gift for anyone special in your life.


  1. The Statement Piece


If you want to make a statement, a stunning ring will win you the best gift-giver award of the year.


Rings are such a beautiful gift because they can symbolize love, commitment, and support.


  1. The One For You


You can never go wrong with splurging on yourself every once in a while. Decide what you like and give yourself a little gift too! 


You surely deserve it. We recommend a sleek designer statement piece that will not only be worn with pride but passed down to future generations. 


Light Luxury Premium Fashion Style Inlaid Natural Crystal Creative Pear Drop Pendant Silver Necklace for Women can be the perfect choice.

Planderful has trendy gifts, and then there are timeless gifts, and jewelry that always falls in the latter.


If you need some more inspiration, take a look at Planderful’s elegant meaningful pieces, including our meaningful gift ideas. Happy Shopping!


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